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Reflections - My 30th blog

Life is a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs.

Life is unpredictable.

It constantly surpises and shocks us.

Life is like the ocean tides, sometimes high, sometimes low.

Life is like a mystery box.

Life is like a blind turn; you dont know what lies around the bend!

Nothing remains the same. Everything and everyone changes. Change comes about gradually. The only thing that remains unchanged is 'change' itself! Change is the only constant in life. Sometimes due to something unexpected, change takes place suddenly. Its as though a switch was turned off and in a moment things change.

I am not the same as I was ever since Daddy passed away........ in the blink of an eye my world went black .

The grief of losing a parent, the pain and the void it creates....

It's been a period of emotional turmoil for me and I'm trying hard, very hard, to not let it affect my daughters....

Although they understand I'm not the same anymore.....

It's been about 3 months since I started my blog and about 10 since Daddy left us....

My blog has everything to do with Daddy.....

He is the one who always motivated me and wanted me to write. But, today he isn't even here to read what I'm writing.... That's my only regret in life!

My family and friends have been encouraging me with their precious comments and beautiful words of appreciation. It makes me want to write more.

Writing has given me a way out of that pain.... It has made me think about other things and helped me vent out my pent up feelings. It's been a creative and constructive distraction that has saved me from becoming a complete emotional wreck.

So far I have mostly kept my articles lighthearted and humorous but I have touched a lot of sensitive issues, some of which I have personally suffered...

My blog started with a few poems....

I frequently mention my parents ( and my childhood because that's the happiest part of my life! As a parent myself, today I can appreciate their efforts and understand their love for their children. They tried to give us the best of everything.

They weren't / aren't perfect; they were learning with us everyday how to make our lives better.....Daddy Cool ( and My Supermom ( were tributes to my parents ❤.

Being a Fauji Brat, (,) Romance of the Written Word (, When Life gives you Lemons (, Crushes and Blushes ( and Searching for Mr Darcy ( chronicle my growing years and the typical adolescent issues of self-consciousness, lack of self confidence, crushes, etc.

My journey of self discovery finds its place in I'm not Perfect, I'm Limited Edition (, Mumbai Musings (, It takes Two to Tango (, A Wedding and 3 Honeymoons ( The last 2 are also about learning and accepting the reality of being married and being parents!

My hobbies and interests are talked about in Romance of the Written Word (, Where words fail music speaks (  Veni.Vidi.Cepi.  (, Wanderlust of a Wayfarer (, highlights my love for travel.

Great Expectations (  is about the pressure we put on our kids and how it affects them. English Vinglish ( is about learning new things and not being afraid of making mistakes. Men are from Earth  and so are Women ( is about shunning stereotypes. Chashm-e-Baddoor ( is about the attitude of people towards people wearing glasses. Watch your words ( talks about a positive attitude, acceptance and polite behaviour. The Long and Short of It ( is about not judging people on appearance or anything else. Vulgarity is no Substitute for Wit (  is about being respectful towards fellow human beings and avoiding abusive language.

Mission Mangal - Rocket Science Made Easy ( was my take on the movie which took rocket science to the masses and showed us how simple becomes effective!

5 poems and 24 blogs later, I feel happy I could revisit my childhood, my adolescent years, my school and college days ..... As I walked down memory lane, each one of you could relate to my memories and experiences. My memories are now immortalised in my blogs and maybe, my grandchildren will read it all someday.

My pen has been my best friend for the last 3 odd months, helping me remain sane throughout the emotional upheaval and to accept that Daddy lives on in every word I write here..... And he will live on as I continue writing.

30 and counting.... Do cheer me on🙂

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