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I'm not perfect, I am limited edition!

In my previous posts, I shared with you my experiences during childhood and adolescence.

I remember writing an essay on "My aim in life" in class 5 and I wanted to be a Teacher . By the time I was in 8th, after considering careers in professional singing and dancing ,I finally decided on Law. I told my parents that I had decided to study Law and be a lawyer who fights for justice!

On successful completion of my 12th Board Exams, I moved to Pune and enrolled into the 5 year LLB course. After a sheltered and cocooned life for 18 years, it was time to go out of my comfort zone. 

This was a totally new experience for me! I had never stayed alone, so far away from my parents! Initially I stayed in a PG accommodation with an affectionate old lady for 6 months. When my application for the private hostel was accepted, I moved.

I was in a Girls' Hostel with 89 other girls! This was my "home" for the next 4 1/2 years!

The college was at walking distance, which made it an ideal choice for a lot of girls from my college. Its proximity to other colleges and good connectivity meant that we had girls from many different colleges and even the University staying with us.

My first few days in the hostel passed in a daze as I was trying to settle down. In the PG I had one room and a loo to myself. But, here, I was sharing a room with 2 more girls and the loo with 5!

Some older Assamese girls, Korobi and Jolly, studying at the University, took care of me and I still remember their love and affection!

Being an introvert, I had a hard time adjusting initially. Luckily, I had good roommates (Polo, Aditi and Uma) and a few extremely close friends(Leena, Shital and Chhanda). It took me a lot of time to open up to my friends but once I did, there was no holding back! Those friends have been there for me till today..... We are separated by distance and time now, but our hearts still connect!

When I went home after my first semester, my parents were surprised to see that I had put on weight! (I used to be really skinny.) That was the love and affection of my landlady I stayed with at the PG! All the good food and the love I received....

As a child I was a slow and fussy eater. The hostel food made me remember and appreciate my mother's cooking! I was famished by the time I returned from my lectures; I would gobble the food in no time! So, I was neither slow nor a fussy eater any more, much to my mom's delight!

On my first trip home, Daddy remarked that I had changed a lot as a person. Yes, I too, realised that I had become more assertive and confident. I was more self aware. I knew myself more and more with every passing day.... I started seeing myself with my own eyes and evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt to say 'NO'!

I spent 5 beautiful years in Pune. There were many ups and downs but I learnt to solve my own problems. I learnt who exactly were my real friends and I learnt the value of 'family'. Being away from my parents for 5 long years made me value them as individuals and as parents. It wasn't just Law that I learnt! I learnt a lot about life and making the right choices in life, about taking a decision and sticking to it, no matter what!

In those 5 years, I grew up. It was a journey of self- discovery where I learnt to accept and love myself for being me, despite my faults and failures. I learnt that I had to respect myself, if I want others to do so. I wasn't perfect but I realised I didn't need to be!

I'm ME- the only Me in this world!😍

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1 Comment

Aug 29, 2019

Nostalgia... 😊 😊 Some days are golden. Just reminded me of mine. Nice post..

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