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Watch your Words!

"Speech is Silver, but Silence is Golden." Indeed, it is!

It reminds me of this story I heard as a child. I'm sure most of you would have heard it too.

Once a talkative little boy asked his father, "Father, please tell me why is it that we have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, but only 1 mouth?"

The father replied, "We have 2 eyes so that we see and observe more; 2 ears not just to hear, but also listen. We have 2 arms and 2 legs so we work hard and help others. But we have only one mouth so that we speak less than we see or hear. In other words, observe more, listen more, work more but talk less."

A lot of people tend to talk, mostly, without thinking. Think before you speak. The idea is to restrain yourself and think twice before you say or do something. Just pause and think if your words/ actions might have a positive or negative impact on you or others.

Being straight does not imply being rude and disrespectful. One may be blunt and straightforward, but uttering humiliating words for another person or trying to demean someone is simply unacceptable , bad behaviour. There is no excuse for bad behaviour. It reflects badly on the one doing it rather than the one it's intended for!

The world is becoming smaller because of better communication, but our hearts are becoming even smaller because we have become self centred and selfish. We are like 'islands' untouched by feelings of those around us.

How, one may ask. Well, for instance, just because we know our feelings can reach the world with just a click, we feel powerful. Oh yes, social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc) has become a quick tool for 'punishment ' and 'revenge' in immature hands. Trolling or Cyber bullying is the latest and most potent weapon because harsh words cut deeper than the sharpest knife! If I don't like someone or want to humiliate him/her, all I have to do is make it public! Instead of resolving the issue personally or face to face, it's easier to just rant on social media, hiding behind a screen !

Honestly, this is cowardly and disgusting.

We have stopped caring or being considerate and mindful towards fellow human beings. We pretend to be good and kind and brag about our charitable work but hurt people with cruel words and behaviour.

Being a K-Pop enthusiast, I have come across at least 3 recent cases of cyber bullying gone wrong where 2 idols ended their lives. Being a public figure isn't easy. The constant scrutiny and breach of privacy is difficult to deal with. Internet trolling has made it even more so. Just because we can hide behind a nameless faceless identity, we think we have the right to judge and hurt others with our obscene and cruel words. This is true for every public figure, especially actors, models, singers, politicians, socialites etc and every individual today.

In the words of Kim Namjoon aka RM of BTS, "It takes 5 seconds for someone with a passing feeling of animosity towards me to type a hate comment. But I read that comment and mull it over for 5 hours, 5 days. "

Most of this venomous criticism comes from cowards who play victim and expect sympathy from strangers or try to prove they are always in the right ,while blaming others.

However I am not writing only about hate comments on social media, but also about general everyday conversations. There are people who constantly try to humiliate or belittle others with their patronising tone or insulting words. As if they get some sadistic pleasure out it! Such behaviour,according to psychiatrists and psychologists shows the inferiority complex of the person and his need to soothe his bruised ego. A person who is mentally healthy and balanced won't need to humiliate others to boost his confidence.

Point of this write-up is: -

1. If you can't speak well about something or someone, it's better not to speak. Speaking well is an art and so is knowing when to keep your opinions to yourself.

2. There's always a better way of solving personal problems rather than ranting on social media. Don't wash your dirty linen in public!

3. No one is born perfect. We all have faults . Learn to accept that and forgive- life is too short to hold grudges to the grave!

4. Instead of blaming others, introspect and see where things have gone wrong and what can be done about it.

5. Use your words, actions and social media for positive outcome instead of creating and spreading negativity.

6. Do not get personal on a public forum.

7. Being polite and considerate doesn't hurt, nor does a bit of tact! There's always a better way to put your point across.

We live in an ever shrinking world. We don't know who we might need tomorrow and why! Insulting and humiliating others is easy, but appreciation isn't. Being arrogant and showing off is easy, modesty and humility isn't.

Do the right thing, even if it's difficult.

Love, respect,kindness, politeness, modesty, humility, consideration and mindfulness - these aren't just words to be read to children in their Moral Science classes, these are the keywords to a better world, a better tomorrow.

We don't need "beauty filters " for our looks but for our thoughts and our words!

Think, speak and act positively.

Live a positive life and spread positivity 😊!

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