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Mumbai Musings!

In 2001 I got my LLB degree and decided to go back home. I started going to the Court and learning about the profession I had chosen. After about 6-8 months, my idealism was shattered and I knew this probably wasn't my cup of tea. I was really upset and felt like a failure in life!

It was a very tough time, personally and professionally. I decided to go to Mumbai for my LLM. My parents were upset too, but they let me go.

The change of scene was definitely a great idea! Not only did I meet all my old friends from college days, I felt rejuvenated! I felt my sense of failure fading away.

I guess, that's why good friends are so important in life! In their own little ways they tried to cheer me up and help me out. A big hug to all those friends- Leena, Shital, Devayani, Prasanna, Santosh, Shekhar, Manasi....There were others I got close to while in Mumbai who were either at the University (Sachi...) with me or my colleagues where I worked part time (Bobby).

Being in Mumbai was like a remedy for my negative thoughts. I enjoyed the anonymity of this cosmopolitan city!

If you live in Mumbai, you must know your way around on the local trains! No two ways about it! So, I gave myself 2 months just to do that. I would go up till CST with my friends and from there I would take the route of my choice and set off! On my own😊

It was so liberating ! I loved it! I had a lot of time to think and to enjoy little things! My only aim was to get a nice window seat.

2 months later, I was good enough to guide any newbie as to how to travel in Mumbai!

LLM classes were held in the evening at Fort Campus. This is very close to Marine Drive. It was a given to walk down the lively Colaba area after lectures and spend hours sitting and chatting with my friends at Marine Drive! Sometimes we came back home around midnight !

I always had this thing for the double decker bus. One day I took the ferry ride around the Gateway of India and then sat on the upper deck of the double decker bus for an impromptu tour of the city! I had no destination in mind. I just wanted to see everything I could!

The old colonial architecture had me spellbound while the swanky, modern buildings amazed me. I loved walking along the sea- Juhu, Worli, Marine Drive.... Just taking in the sights and sounds of Mumbai.

My time in Mumbai was probably one of the best ever! It was also a time to introspect, to find myself....

When I came to Mumbai, I had many things on my mind. Finally, I was at peace with all that was happening around me. I learnt that the unpredictability of life was its charm and accepting it, rather than fighting it, was the key to a happy and peaceful life.

Mumbai was the therapy I needed at the lowest point of my life! The wonderful friends I had and I made, the beautiful memories of being together, being loved and cared for - this was my take away when I left Mumbai.

In 2016 I took my girls to Mumbai and met my old friends. We had a whale of a time. Imagica, Kidzania, Bade Miyan's kebabs, Marine Drive, Gateway, Taj, local trains and my wonderful friends - my girls say it was one of their best trips ever! And, they loved Mumbai too!

The vastness of the sea, it's choppy waters, the sun melting into the horizon, the cobbled streets, flea markets full of colourful fare, food for every mood, constant movement of the people......The city that embraces you, accepts you, doesn't judge or question you, lets you be yourself.....

The city that never sleeps.... Mumbai. Aamchi Mumbai.

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1 Comment

vatsala swami
vatsala swami
Sep 01, 2019

Another good one Tamanna. . Liked it. . esp the last para where u re describing the metropolitan city. . .. For a moment it took me to the hustle bustle of the street market of the RK Naryanan's famous storyThe Astrologer's Day.. .The boughs of the spreading tamarind

tree, the surging crowd moving up and down the narrow road morning till night, the

variety of tiaders - medicine sellers, sellers of stolen hardware and junk, magicians,

auctioneers of cheap cloth, and vendors of fried groundnut - vociferously vying with

each other to attract the crowd, the light and smoke of the crackling flare above the

groundnut heap and hissing gaslights take us actually into the midst of a bewildering

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