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What if I say there's something as important as air, water and food in my life that I just can't do without? Most people would say LOVE🙄 Or family?Or music?

Actually, it's something without which my life would be all dark , blurry , colourless.....

My glasses! My spectacles 🤓

All those who wear glasses will understand what I am talking about! I feel I can't even hear properly when I'm not wearing my glasses because of the lack of focus. I feel lost and disoriented, as though there's something missing.

I was in class 8, about 13 years old, when I started feeling something was wrong. That year we had shifted from Karimganj to Guwahati - new school, new surroundings..

We were told by the teacher that henceforth there would be 'rotation ' of the seats, so that even the backbenchers get the chance to sit in the front seats. I don't think the backbenchers were too happy about it!

So, I, who always sat on the first bench, right in front of the teacher's desk, had to go all the way to the last bench! It was my first time as a backbencher! Well, not for long.

Anyway, if it wasn't for this 'rotation' I'd never have realised that I needed glasses! I started complaining that I couldn't see the blackboard clearly, so Ma'am made me shift a few benches ahead. I still couldn't see. I was back at my usual place. So much for 'rotation'😜

My teacher asked me to read what was written on the blackboard and I couldn't answer correctly. She realised my eyesight was weak and asked me to come to class only when I get my glasses made.

After 2-3 days, I was back. Bespectacled and highly conscious of the looks from my classmates! I was already upset because of the glasses and because the eye doctor told me my power was too high . I started with -3!😳

As a self conscious and introvert 13 year old, I felt this was the worst thing that could happen to me. Although my studies didn't suffer, my confidence did. It took me a lot of time to 'accept' the fact that I could probably never lose these glasses!

Nowadays, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to spectacle frames and lenses. They are trendy and fashionable. There's LASIK too! Those days, the options for children's frames were limited.

Slowly but surely I got used to my appearance in those glasses and I also realised that it was actually a blessing in disguise. At least people started taking me a lot seriously than before!😎 It also made me look 'serious' and grown up! (I know a lot of people who wear glasses just to look intellectual! )

I used to be very thin and petite, which made others treat me like a small kid. I hated that! I felt wearing glasses made me more confident and added to my personality. I felt my glasses were my closest friend for life! We couldn't do without each other.

Predictably enough, I got a new nickname because of my glasses- Chashmish ! Daddy called me 'Chashm-e- baddoor' instead , which (he told me) means "far be the evil eye" in Persian. So, my glasses were basically keeping me safe from evil eyes, according to Daddy!😍

Initially, being called 'Chashmish ' really annoyed me. In a few months, I got used to it and those who teased me stopped teasing !

When I was in college a lot of friends wore contact lenses and thought I should try too. Me? Lenses? No way!!!! I stayed loyal to my glasses. I promise to stay loyal to my spectacles 'till death do us part'🤓

Just before I was to get married, my sister tried her best to motivate me to wear contact lenses, but I was more comfortable with my beloved spectacles!

There are branded, chic and fashionable eyewear available nowadays to suit your desired style and other requirements, including budget. While contact lenses continue to be popular for enhancing one's looks, glasses are equally popular!

Although it's a matter of concern that young children also start wearing glasses very early on in life, at least the idea that glasses make you look 'ugly' has been replaced by 'smart is the new sexy'!

Wearing glasses doesn't make one smart automatically though. There has to be some gray matter (nothing to do with the 50 shades of Gray, please) up there!

Cheers to all my bespectacled friends- "far be the evil eye" always! Here's to 'clarity of vision ' and 'a different perspective ' while literally looking through tinted glasses .😬

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Ari Y
Ari Y

my story too!! :-D



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