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Daddy Cool!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Dad & me

Every child's first superhero is his/her dad. I am no exception. My earliest memories are of him - dashing in his crisp OG uniform! Oh, the pride in our eyes! I had already decided to follow his footsteps (I didn't know much as a 3-4 year old!)

No matter how busy he was, the evening was for us as a family! He encouraged us to sing, dance, act, write poems and stories - always stressing that just being studious wasn't enough! Daddy always encouraged us to be the best we could be! There was never a dull moment with him around because he never let us get bored!

It is because of him that the three of us grew up with a lot of confidence, especially while interacting with people or performing on the stage or just being ourselves! He never stopped us from doing anything because we were girls.

My dad was born in a village in Assam. Although born in a well to do family, he studied on scholarship throughout because he was a brilliant student. His school principal encouraged him to join the Army and that changed his life.

"Simple living, high thinking" was always his way of life. We were brought up in a manner different from others around us - good grades were nice but good manners were more important! Looking at him, we learnt that giving love and respect earns you love and respect.

Since I was good at studies and had a flair for writing, Daddy always encouraged me to write more - about anything I felt like writing about. After giving birth to two children, I neither had time nor energy for the same! He kept telling me to write a book on "parenting" because he thought I was doing a wonderful job bringing up my daughters. That meant so much to me!

My parents had a love marriage. Being from the same village, it wasn't that difficult. After marriage, he encouraged Mummy to finish her Masters and to work. He was her biggest support as she had lost her father when she was still in college. As a young Captain's newly wed wife, Mummy was the only Post Graduate around when she joined the "fauji family".

As a father of 3 daughters he constantly came across those who thought girls should only sit at home. He was happy when I told him I had decided to study Law. He thought girls should be professionally qualified and independent.

I am a homemaker now and I only work off and on. Being more family oriented I gave up on a career. Although disappointed, Daddy understood why.

Daddy would share my childhood stories with my daughters and even crack jokes with them. He would make it a point to visit us, no matter where we were! I guess all parents do that...

He had a kind heart and was always ready to help people in need. He wasn't a very religious person though.

Last year, after visiting China, I wrote about my experience. That made him so happy!

When he passed away this January, I only wished I could see him one last time..... As a person, a parent I feel I am a lot like him.... He was truly "Daddy Cool" 😎!

Everyone who has known my dad, remembers him for his great personality and kind nature. He was always well dressed.

Today, I miss his good morning messages...I miss his comforting voice.... As a child I hated my name because I was always teased by the boys. Guess what Daddy told me? He said, " You are all that we desired and that's why you are our 'Tamanna'... "

Another incident comes to mind about classmates teasing me about the chicken pox scar on my nose. I was crying a lot! Daddy said this-" You were born with a diamond on your nose, that's why the scar! Ask your classmates if they were born with one!!! " Needless to say it shut the bullies up and boosted my confidence sky high!

When I decided to have my own blog, I couldn't decide where to begin... Well, no better than doing what Daddy always wanted me to - write.

Daddy, you are probably watching from heaven.... You will always be in our thoughts, in our hearts and the best memories of our lives.....

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Aug 13, 2019

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