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๐Ÿ‘—The long and short of it!๐Ÿ’‡

There are two things that most girls love that others seem to have a problem with - short hair and short hemlines! Although people generally have a problem with everything when it comes to girls-working or not, married or not, have kids or not; the list is endless!

As a little girl I had a good head of hair - lustrous and thick. Mummy kept it short for me so that it was easy for me to manage it. Although it grew shoulder length sometimes, I hated the ponies and plaits! So it was back to 'boy cut'!

Daddy used to love telling us this story about my Mundan. We were in Ghorakhal those days. I was about 3 years old. The barber had come home and I had been told he would make me look pretty like Hema Malini( my favourite then). I sat quietly throughout and finally got up. No one expected me to look into the mirror but I did! And I howled and cried so much. Anyway, Mummy managed to tie a pretty scarf and that distracted me. I stopped crying. The hair grew back soon enough and that episode was forgotten too!

I had short hair all through school and college years - blunt cut, step cut,layers, mushroom cut, wedge cut, bob cut.... I had been experimental enough.

My hair is black - jet black. I am 41 and my hair is still black (yeah, not a single strand of gray!๐Ÿ˜Ž) Sometimes I go for a reddish brown hair colour just to break the monotony! It lifts my spirit and boosts my confidence every time!

I remember growing my hair just before marriage and during the pregnancies (it's such a bother going for a hair cut with that bulky stomach!) I also heard a lot of - "Long hair suits you better!" Thank you for the compliments, but I am totally comfortable with fuss free short hair.

Short or long, a good hairstyle always makes a girl feel more confident and beautiful! A nice trendy hairstyle just transforms you and your attitude towards yourself! Besides, my hair is my business, no one else's! Whether I cut it or shave it off, it's up to me๐Ÿ˜Š After all, hair today, gone tomorrow ! Why stress about it so much!

When I was about 10, I had started reading the newspapers. A few years later the matrimonial columns made me curious. Honestly, I have nothing against arranged marriages. What really got me worked up was this part - wanted brides 'tall, fair, slim,convent educated'. Are you people buying a commodity? Over the years, beauty standards seem to have changed but 'tall,fair,slim' remains the preference for a life partner! A woman who is smart and professionally qualified, a woman who knows her mind and may not be 'tall, fair, slim' aren't 'wanted'!

Tall or not so tall, fair or not so fair, slim or not so slim, it doesn't matter! What really matters is the size of our hearts! A big heart to love and accept yourself and others the way they are! A big heart to look beyond "tall, fair, thin,long hair, sharp features......" etc etc etc! A beautiful mind scores over everything else.

As for the short hemlines - Girls, if you have the confidence to carry it off, wear it by all means! Stay confident, stay healthy, stay beautiful, stay positive! Don't judge a girl by the length of her skirt!

Don't judge - period. Live and let live!

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