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Mission Mangal- Rocket Science made easy🛰🔭

Disclaimer- This is not a movie review. Just my thoughts after watching it.

I was always a Bollywood buff! I just loved watching Hindi movies- rom coms and thrillers especially. My favourite being the golden era of the 60s because of the beautiful music and because I LOVE DEV ANAND!😍 I could recognise the singers' voices as soon as a song played. My friends called me All India Radio because I knew almost every old Bollywood classic number by heart!

Although mainstream Bollywood movies during my growing up years lacked the slick editing and powerful screenplay of Hollywood blockbusters, I still enjoyed them. Lately, however, our Hindi movies have really improved in terms of content, acting, creativity and editing.

However, the excessive sex, nudity, abusive language, being passed on in the garb of "realism" means that you just can't watch a movie with your entire family! Especially the kids!

I can literally count just 2 movies we watched with our kids in the last 18 months - Kesari and Mission Mangal. Call me old fashioned or a prude, but I don't want my kids to lose their innocence so soon.... Yes, it's a big bad world out there and they need to be rough and tough but it's alright to slow down sometimes in this age of fast-food and "instant everything"!

After a long time we all went out as a family, including the grandparents, to watch a movie-"Mission Mangal". I can't remember the last time we took our kids along for a Hindi movie. We all came out happy and motivated !

Being old enough to know about ISRO and Indian Space scientists my daughters were totally engrossed in the movie from the first scene! It's a well known fact that Indian scientists and ISRO have achieved milestones which make us so proud. NASA also has many Indian scientists .

There were many things that came to mind while watching the movie. First off, I absolutely LOVE Vidya Balan! She is such a great actress that you forget she is only acting - totally effortless and natural, relatable and believable! No fluff, just a normal Indian woman going about her business as usual!

I have liked Akshay Kumar since his Khiladi days. He did some of the most cringe worthy movies ever, but then those days most Hindi movies were "cringey"!

But that's not what I want to talk about.

This is not a film review, although if asked to rate the movie, I'd happily give it 10 on 10! Why?

1. Great storytelling - space science was brought down to a level where even small children and uneducated masses could understand it!

2. Issues faced by ISRO in particular and brain drain in general were beautifully highlighted.

3. Lack of work ethics in our government offices and institutions where some people just come to bide their time and enjoy good pay packages was discussed in a humorous manner.

4. The dialogues had us in splits and the story kept us engaged throughout! One doesn't get bored even for a moment!

5. Hats off to working women - life isn't easy whether you are married, unmarried, divorcee, with kids or without!

6. The way Vidya's character handles her children and husband - so cool!😎 Major parenting goals!

7. The positivity of Akshay's character is amazing! His determination and positive attitude in the face of failure, his faith in his team are qualities worth emulating.

8. Where Tapsee's husband (army officer) makes her realise that what she does is also a duty towards the nation and should be performed sincerely. A lesson for all those who feel that the Armed Forces are the only ones who have a 'duty' to serve the country ! Doing one's job well, with due diligence and sincerity as well as being part of nation building by being a good citizen are equally effective .

9. Do not underestimate the power of the knowledge of mundane things - like the 'poori' technology, 'switch on/switch off ' etc etc.

10. Do not, ever, underestimate the Jugadu Indian! The resourceful Indian at his/her best!!!!

Mr Balki, your movie will inspire many to become Scientists!

You have proved that making a good, clean, interesting movie is 'no rocket science'( pun intended) !!

My takeaway from the movie?

Keep it simple!

Simple is effective!

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1 Comment

Ari Y
Ari Y
Nov 05, 2019

You said it :) waiting for Netflix or Prime to run this movie

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