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Vulgarity is no substitute for Wit

My last blog was about positive words and speech. This one is almost a continuation of the same topic. Well, almost!

A recent Facebook post from someone I have always looked up to is the trigger for this one because I feel the same way.

I have always felt that sometimes some people misunderstand the term 'sense of humour'. Actually, a lot of people say or do things which are anything but funny and then say- "Oh, I was just joking! Dont take it seriously!" Not only is that a lame excuse for indecency, it is definitely not a joke!

There is no excuse for bad behaviour.

Every now and then, I come across jokes about women, especially wives and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth .Those cracking these jokes and those who laugh at them, I would like to ask them only one thing- Would you find it funny if the joke is about your mother, sister or daughter? No,right? Then why the wife? Its wrong. Because no woman deserves it. Period.

Men indulge in jokes about the female anatomy in particular and women in general, in a rather humiliating and embarassing manner at times. There is a very fine line between what's vulgar and what's not, what's funny and what's not, what's acceptable and what's not. More often than not, the so called humour is nothing but cheap comments degrading women.

I haven't come across women indulging in husband-bashing but I am sure they do exist. There are good and bad people everywhere. Being a woman doesnt automatically mean she is free from vices.

The point here is while having a sense of humour is a positive quality, indulging in insulting and embarrassing comments about the male/female anatomy or trying to show either in poor light is just not done. After a point the joke is neither a joke, nor is it funny!

Another thing which I absolutely detest is abusive language or words directed at men but degrading women. Apparently, its "necessary" sometimes! Really??? I cant even bring myself to write the words, leave alone say them! Whoever thinks that using abusive language is cool or happening, sorry to say it only reflects on their poor upbringing! Would you like your children to use such words? If not, then stop before its too late.

I fail to understand how abusive language makes you look cool and degrading comments about your wife/husband or other women/men makes your sense of humour great! Be careful not to cross that thin line which takes you from being humorous and funny to being simply vulgar and indecent.

Let's be respectful.

Let's be considerate and mindful.

Lets be sensitive and sensible.

Lets be better human beings.

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Nov 10, 2019


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