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Tempus Fugit!

Time flies, indeed! It's mind boggling to think that we are into the fifth month of 2020 already! The pandemic and its resultant quarantine has been the highlight so far!The most memorable moments being those spent in confinement. More than a month since the lockdown.... People have been forced to remain indoors and find ways to use their time creatively. I managed to write quite a few articles about my experiences and feelings during the lockdown. When the crisis is over, we will look back at these difficult times with appreciation for ourselves for having come out of it . My written words will keep reminding us of these beautiful moments of love, support and bonding! The tales of our patience, endurance and humanity will hopefully be remembered more than those of human errors and tragedy. My blog has 75 articles now! Here's a quick link to each one, no 62 to 74- Poetry Articles Yes, I did end up writing a lot about the unprecedented and unpredictable times we are going through right now, but every article has a different perspective. I will probably write a few more similar but different ones! We don't know when things will improve enough to venture outside.... We don't know how long this confinement will be.... We don't know what the future holds... But we do know that the human spirit is indomitable! Like a Phoenix it will rise again, every time.... Thank you for being my motivation and strength to continue doing what I love doing! Thank you for your support and encouragement. Happy reading!

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