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Home, Sweet Home

I had sworn not to write anything about the 'Virus', but I finally gave in.

The world over, people are coming together as one to fight the virus. Busy streets are eerily quiet and everyone who can, is working from home.

Covid-19, Corona(virus), Quarantine and Lockdown have become a part of our vocabulary and lives right now.

Now that the inevitable has happened, being the eternal optimist, I only see the positive side to the 'lockdown' which manifests itself in clear blue skies and the sound of chirping birds in the big cities, where the sound of traffic is all one could hear earlier.

People are re-discovering the pleasures of being at home and spending time with family or connecting with one's inner self.

Nature is healing from the ravages of industrialisation and development. People have finally realised that it is possible to just shut down everything once in a while and take a break from the non stop marathon our daily life has become.

While I agree it's difficult to keep children busy within the four walls of the house, it's not impossible. There's a lot to do at home and that's exactly where they can start, for instance- helping with laundry and basic kitchen chores.

I'm a complete homebody. I just love being at home, reading books, listening to music (singing and dancing along), writing, cooking.... I love my own company and I value my time with myself.... So, for me 'social distancing' isn't anything new. Being a homemaker and a bit of an introvert, I'm absolutely comfortable and 'at home' with quarantine!

In India, things could worsen in the coming weeks. I'm not a cynic, but I'm not one to lose hope either. I'm preparing myself mentally for the worst while making the best of the situation right now.

If you ever felt you didn't have time to do something you really wanted to( which can be done at home)or felt you had no time for yourself, this is your moment. A blessing in disguise, an opportunity of a lifetime! Make the best of it! The forgotten hobbies are a good idea, so is learning something new- a new language, maybe!

The misery, the disease, deaths, suffering- it's all real and we can't ignore it. But we can consider sharing positive messages on social media instead of rumours or negative articles/ photos/ videos. We can focus on prevention and appreciate the efforts of various government agencies and the entire medical fraternity, instead of criticising and spreading negativity.

We have to be serious and cautious, aware and informed, responsible and disciplined citizens. We can't take this lightly. But we can come together, regardless of our political or religious ideology and help fight the virus. Spreading awareness among our helpers, who are generally illiterate or just ignorant and unaware of the enormity of the situation is a must.

We realise more than ever the importance of the mundane routine everyday life- going to work/school/college, meeting friends, travelling, weekend outings, shopping etc etc. The hardest thing might be the isolation, if one stays alone.

BTS spoke for all of us through a televised message with these words-

"These are times when we need trust more than doubt, care more than anger."

"...we'll soon be able to see those we love, share a meal and talk together..."

"...let's wait for things to return to normal and do our best where we are..."

The good news is- Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. Stay safe, stay home. Stay strong.

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