The Moment

What has happened

Is in the past

Behind you

That time has gone

Don't look back;

It won't ever return.

What has happened

In the past

Should stay in our memories

In the deep recesses of our mind

Buried forever.

Past memories bring back

Forgotten pain and anguish

Some bittersweet moments

Of togetherness

And separation.....

Of love, gained and lost....

Of joy , fleeting and eternal

Of meeting and bidding adieu.

Haunting memories

Buried memories

Forgotten memories

Of the past

Should remain there

In the past.

It is this moment

Here and now

That's important right now.

This moment.

This time.

This very second.

Time never stops

Time flies

Time is eternal

and omnipresent.

Time stops for none.

This moment will vanish forever.

This time will never come back.

It's now or never

You blink and it's gone forever.

Savour the moment

Live this moment

Right now is where you belong

Here is where you are needed

Here and now is where the action is.

Right here, right now

This moment, this time

The 'present'....

Is all that matters.

Not the past

Not the future

But the present is what matters.

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