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Mirror mirror on the wall

Aah! The most ignored and redundant corner in my room right now has to be my dressing table! When I finally got down to doing some dusting and cleaning around the house, I looked at the mirror and thought when was the last time I sat down in front of it! Not that I generally do that. But this time it really seems like ages ago! In fact, I'm someone who hates putting anything on my face and takes precisely 2 minutes to put my Kajal, lipstick and comb my hair if I have to go out. Formal outings mean formal attire, mostly Mekhlas or Sarees, with my usual 2 minute routine mentioned above and a spritz of my favourite perfume just before I walk out of the house. It's been about 10 days of quarantine and about 11 more to go! So, while dusting my long forgotten lipsticks and perfume bottles, I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately thought about the wicked witch in the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Had I already started looking like her???😱 Mirror mirror on the wall, Is that really me at all!???🤔 Yes, my hair has obviously outgrown the smart short hairstyle I love , but the blonde and blue hair still looks fine. The first thing I would do when I can go out is to get a haircut! I 'm sure I would grow a mullet and sideburns by then! 😱The next hair colour can wait for now. (Purple or rainbow???? 🤔😈 Depends on what my favourite KPop idol Jungkook goes for!) Thank God for my genes that I need to visit a beauty parlour only once in 3 months and it's been just about a month since the last visit. So no 'hairy' issues! Honestly, the related memes on social media , ROFL!!!!!😂 I'm glad we have the ability to laugh at ourselves and still haven't lost our sense of humour! Makes tough times easier to bear! So, when I looked at my reflection, the face that looked back at me was calm, serene and happy. No early mornings, no going out in the hot sun, but plenty of sleep and some exercise everyday, just being together with family , is equal to the happy face in the mirror. Also, having a positive mindset helps! I can only speak for myself when I say that I really enjoy doing my household chores myself! I'm not a cleanliness freak but I like my house, my stuff, my daily routine in order. Rather than depending on maids, I always prefer to do my work myself. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and sets an example for my growing daughters to do their cleaning and organising themselves. One thing at a time, savouring every moment, doing things at my own pace just the way I like to- sheer bliss! One day at a time, one bookshelf a day, one room in every alternate day, some planned activities and some spontaneous ones with family every evening, cooking together, or just catching up with friends and distant family on the phone- we are already halfway through the quarantine! Hang on everyone! Just a few more days of solitude, peace and leisure.....We'll be back to the grind before we realise. Till then, stay home, stay safe, stay positive and happy 🤗😍💜

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