Lockdown Lessons and Life Skills

30th March 2020 was an important day. Why? Because my elder daughter cooked lunch for us, from scratch! Of course, Papa guided her all the time because she couldn't be left alone with the gas stove. Adult supervision was required and hubby volunteered. I'm definitely not complaining! I was really happy and excited because this proved that my little girl has grown up! Honestly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry..... I'm definitely not biased when I say that the lunch was yummy because the empty pots and the chef's beaming smile was proof enough! Sorry, I got carried away! My blog today isn't just about my daughter's journey to self dependence but also our efforts as parents to instill life skills in our children. At present the world is held in ransom by an unseen, unknown enemy- a deadly virus. People are forced to stay indoors. Roads are empty, schools and offices are closed, malls and parks are out of bounds. Armed personnel are ensuring the lockdown is peaceful while various government agencies are busy providing for essential services like health, food etc. Being confined to our homes, we have learnt some valuable lessons-

1. Money isn't the most important thing. Life is. 2. Happiness and positivity in the most adverse conditions is the only way to beat that adversity. 3. Life skills are as important if not more than topping the class or earning well! 4. This is the right time to do or learn things you had no time for earlier. 5. Consequences of playing with nature can be quite unpleasant and unprecedented! Last year, when Daddy passed away, I was with Mummy for more than 5 weeks. When I came back, my daughters and husband managed to keep things in order- washed clothes, folded and kept neatly in cupboards; made beds, washed dishes, etc. Basically, with some help, they managed to share the household chores. I joked that I should leave them alone more often! This quarantine is an excellent opportunity to get your children to learn how to do housework. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry, washing dishes and learning basic cooking. We have learnt the hard way that dependence on maids is the worst thing in such unforeseen circumstances! As kids, I remember helping Mummy with the housework and we did it with a lot of pride and responsibility. We felt good about it. I'm trying to pass on the same to my daughters. There's nothing embarrassing or degrading about doing your work yourself! It instills a sense of responsibility in the children and respect towards the helpers they see around them. It definitely makes them value their parents, especially mothers, more. Another lesson we learnt during the lockdown is the difference between needs and wants! There isn't much one needs to survive.... We can do without a lot of things we think are indispensable and we really don't need much to live a good life! It's been years since I stopped cleaning after my girls! I stopped because they needed to start. Yes, I am faster, neater and more organised, but they have to learn it sometime! Today, it makes me happy to know that my children are well equipped and prepared for whatever life throws at them. They don't need me around just to cook their meals or wash their clothes. They need me to love them unconditionally and without expectations. They need encouragement and support as they learn to get up and go on despite every fall or failure in life. They need me to value them. They need a happy, loving and understanding mother, not a maid! Although we are within the four walls of our home, there's so much time and opportunity to spend quality time with family- Reading books, writing for our blogs, watching movies, dancing to and singing alongwith our favourite music, looking at old picture albums and sharing the household chores as a family! I'm thankful I'm with my family in these difficult times... I'm grateful for all that I have.... I'm positive that things will get better soon. Till then, let's live each day as it comes, cherish each moment with our loved ones and keep our hopes high!

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