Hope is eternal....

I just realised that it's probably my 4th article written during quarantine due to Covid-19. As always I will only talk about and focus on the positives of the situation. Way back in 2012, I stopped reading newspapers and watching news on tv. There were many reasons for that, the most important one being I wanted to keep myself and my little daughters away from all the negativity peddled as "news" by the media. Though active on social media, even my FB posts were mostly positive in nature. It definitely doesn't mean that I'm unaware or ignorant about what's happening around me! I just don't let it affect my peace of mind!!! Honestly, I have this aversion for anything negative- person, thoughts or things! I try my best to keep away from all this. Life is already a mix bag of the unexpected, unpredictable and unpleasant; why add more negativity to that? I,for one, can definitely do without it! Like I said I will focus on the positives of the lockdown. We all know how nature has benefited from it and how it has brought people together to fight a common enemy ( of course, in India we still have a long way to go!). Social media is rife with people being creative in utilising this 'me' time. Of course, cribbers will crib but there are many who have made good use of all the time on hands. Initially, most of us wondered how it would be spend so much time if we sit at home all day and don't go out to work or to shop or even to walk/ swim/ exercise! But now we know that it's absolutely possible. Working people have been working from home and students are studying online or at home. The worst affected are definitely the daily wage earners, small and big businesses that provide services and other commodities. Probably the tourism and travel sectors will never recover from the losses incurred now. Economic growth will really slow down. But, rather than worrying about what will happen tomorrow and finding faults with the government agencies and medical personnel, we need to put all our differences aside and stand together as human beings and as Indians.

Watching the same news and reading about the effects of the disease won't help solve the problem. While its good to keep abreast of the current situation, it's no good if it only makes one anxious! Blaming China or Modi or anyone else isn't going to change anything either. Until and unless we are mature enough to keep our religious and political leanings aside and help positively in fighting the deadly virus, nothing will change! If taking selfies and putting up pretty pics of yourself in beautiful clothes or ones with your kids makes you feel better and hopeful, do that by all means! If your creativity and hobbies made you happy, carry on with it! If reading a book, watching a tv series or listening to music all day gives you happiness, you must do that! If prayers, meditation and chants are your thing, please do it for your peace of mind.... But for God's sake, resist the urge to put up any kind of negative posts about anything! A negative post means a negative thought. A negative thought means a negative mindset. Let's spread positivity! Let's spread good cheer, happiness and hope, despite the gloomy surroundings... Let's hear the chirping birds, instead of the deafening silence.... Let's see nature in all its glory instead of the deserted roads.... Let's smile and spend time catching up with family and friends, instead of complaining about being stuck with housework! Let's live this moment as best as we can! Let's do this!

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