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A size zero or maybe not.

A superhero or not.

More than just a pretty face

I'm all poise and grace.

Sometimes a wild child,

Makes you go crazy!

A whirlwind that never stops,

Sometimes a demure lady.

Her 'me time', in her reading nook

leafing through her half-read book,

Dancing to her favourite song,

Thinking of tomorrow all night long.

Her mind wanders, never rests!

What to do? What to cook?

Her hands are always full

There's always things to do!

The little girl she used to be

Daddy's little princess indeed

So many dreams and wishes

Playful days followed by a good night's sleep.

No care ,no worries, no deadlines to meet

Just eat-play-sleep , repeat.

Still wants to run across the grass

And feel the wind in her hair

Screaming happily , embracing

Freedom with open arms.

Too many moulds to fit into

So many bonds that bind

That cramp her flight....

No moulds, no bondage.

Set her free.

Hold her hand when needed

Let her be herself;

Let her be.

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