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Woman of Substance

She creates, she nurtures,

She glows like fire,

free spirited like air

She moulds like water;

She loves like the limitless sky

Like the earth she is grounded and balanced.

She thinks her own thoughts

And has a mind of her own.

She walks her own path

Her dreams are her own.

When she stumbles and falls down

She stands up and straightens her crown.

She loves with all her passion

And she cares

She fears and she dares

She plays and she slays.

She wears stilettos and walks tall

She hurts behind that smile

Tears you can't see at all!

She needed a hero, she becomes one

She faces with courage any problem that comes.

She accepts and embraces

and never judges

She stands up for her beliefs and values

but never falters.

She loves herself, no questions asked

She gives the love she receives

She trusts and confides in herself

She needs no validation to be herself

Confident, positive, sassy and proud

She holds her head high no matter what

A bit of sugar a hint of spice

And all things nice.

She is every woman ;

A woman of substance.

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