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Extended lockdown

Okay, so the best and the worst thing has happened! What we wanted badly and yet didn't want has happened! What we wished for has been granted! That's why they say be careful what you wish for! The lockdown has been extended. Yay! The lockdown has been extended. No way! We are all in a situation that we never even dreamt about. We want it but we don't want it! We like it but we don't like it! Aah! So difficult.... Well, best to just grin and bear it for a few more days. For ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow human beings.... Still not convinced enough ? Read the next line please 😬 Fact- We don't have a choice. We have no option. Period. While we are totally rooting for a 'positive attitude ' , there's one kind of positive which no one wants to be right now! Talk about irony! It's ominous and even kind of 'punny'! Creativity, optimism and positivity are the buzzwords as are lockdown, quarantine, etc. You can choose your words! Choose wisely though, because they reveal the real you! This is a time for re- discovery! We are rediscovering ourselves, our family members, friends, relatives and FB/ Insta/ Twitter friends- hidden talents/ dormant talents, new things to learn, new ways to be creative with old things... Never knew about most of them! Well, frankly never before did we have so much time on hands! I surprised myself with my attempts to learn Korean and that's a long way to go! Everything around us has changed in the past 2 months. But there's one thing that still remains the same- cribbers! Yes, work or no work, school or no school, office or no office- cribbers will crib. And then, there's always that category of unbothered; come hell or high water, I'll be right here on the couch binging on my favourite shows and enjoy doing nothing! I'm probably this type who occasionally feels the urge 'to do something' but then goes back to the beloved couch and yells," Yay! The lockdown has been extended!"

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