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Fantabulous 50!!

No, it isn't my 50th birthday!

Mirage was my 50th blog! I'm going to congratulate myself for this achievement!

Firstly, I'm thankful to each one of you who has taken out time to read my thoughts, motivated and appreciated me.... I made a sincere effort and with the help of family and friends I have come a long way from the heartbroken, sad mess I was exactly a year back.

Secondly, here's a pic of the 'book' my editor and blog manager, my hubby, gave me on completing 50 blogs! He really worked hard to make me smile.....and he succeeded( believe me, that's no mean feat!!)

Thirdly, my thoughts right now.....WHAT NEXT???

Well, is there ever a dearth of thoughts? No. I'm thinking all the time and sometimes I just want to go blank. Easier said than done!

The mind never rests and thoughts are endless. Random thoughts, connected thoughts, long and short term thoughts....

I will continue to write and share my thoughts with you all through my blog and I hope my words can make you smile and feel better..... I will continue to share positivity through my words.....

Finally,a quick link to all my blogs to take you straight to the one you want to read.


In contrast with my balanced and light hearted blogs, my poetry is intense.

A tribute to my favourite singer,Jeon Jungkook of the South Korean band BTS, whose voice has the power to light up my darkest and saddest moments

An ode to the 'shortcut' generation

My new year resolutions for 2020

A blog dedicated to the 7 boys whose music heals people all over the world like it healed me.

My blog on my younger daughter who is truly Little Miss Sunshine

This one is dedicated to my lovely daughter, my friend for life!

A humble attempt to express my thoughts on Herman Hesse's Classic 'Demian' -

For my sisters, as I remember and cherish all our times together

A blog on my misadventures with cooking

How I stopped judging myself by others' standards and started loving and accepting myself

In celebration of being different and unique instead of trying to be someone else

My short but sweet experience as a teacher and my thoughts on our education system

The importance of a smile and of happiness-

My views on birthday celebrations

Reflections was my summary on completion of 30 blogs and it also has links to my previous blogs.

Shadows, Silhouettes and Reflections started in August 2019 and its the 6th month running. I hope you will continue to encourage and motivate me to keep writing.

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Ari Y
Ari Y
Jan 23, 2020

Next stop.... a Kindle book :-)


Jan 23, 2020

🙂 Super... Great going 😁👍👍👍

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