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I'm a wall.

I'm the ground.

I'm impervious.

I'm rock solid.

Nothing goes past me.

Shout, scream all you want.

Bang your head against the wall.

Cry rivers if you wish.

Nothing reaches my heart.

I'm deaf to your insincere voice.

I'm blind to your insincere eyes.

I'm cold, hard, unyielding.

Your meaningless wails will bounce off me.

Your shallow gaze can't reach my deep recesses.

Your crocodile tears don't melt me.

Your theatrics and melodrama are just that-


Whatever you are, whatever you do-

I repel, reject, refuse.

It rebounds.

It ricochets.

It bounces back to you.

It hits you square and hard.

Face it or fake it!

Duck or take it!

So you thought

So you thought-

I'm a fool.

I'm naive and blind.

I'm innocent .


I'm not.

So you thought-

I'm a pushover.

I'm a doormat.

I'm weak and brittle.

I'm not.

So you thought-

I'll forgive every time, no matter what.

I'll stay, no matter what.

I'm always around, no matter what.

I'm not.

So you thought-

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

Thought I can't leave?

I can.

Thought I can't live?

I can.


I will not be-

an afterthought.

a substitute.

a mere distraction.

a trifling presence.

I will be ME.




Raw, real and imperfect.

Scarred and haunted by my past.

Quiet on the surface;

A raging storm within.

Placid. Still. Unmoved. Like a statue.

My face is like a mask.

My eyes belie my calm and poise.

My eyes are like a furnace.

A volcano about to burst.

Can you see the fire?

Can you feel the heat?

My lips are sealed.



Can you hear my voice?

It's the lull before the storm.

I'm the lull....


I'm the storm.

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