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It's been a year.....

The last time I saw you.

The last hug we shared

When you patted my head and said,

"Look after yourself. Be happy and

Keep in touch."

The last conversation we had

face to face.

It was a day just like today-

Clear blue sky

No clouds of doubt

The sun shining bright

The warm and mellow winter morning

Which lights up the coldest depths of my heart.

We did speak after that,

But over the phone.

He asked me how I am and if I'm

Taking care of myself.

He told me what his day was like-

Alternating between past and present,

Speech and silence....

Now there's only silence...

It's been a year.

For others it flew by.

For me, time stopped.

Frozen and numb.

Stone cold.


Like me.

And yet, it's been a year


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1 Kommentar

12. Jan. 2020

It's a void that will never fill.. 😔

Very touching words.

Gefällt mir
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