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Normal is Boring

Life is my muse! You never know what the next moment will bring with it! Life is full of inspiring moments. Recently I was part of a themed party which inspired this article. The theme being- Normal is boring!

It was such a liberating experience because each and every lady in attendance looked different and unique. Someone paired denim jackets/ waistcoats/ with sarees while someone draped a gorgeous saree on a pair of trousers or jeans! Someone wore a heavy choli blouse with jeans! No one looked out of place because everything was acceptable here- the weirder the better!

How wonderful it would be if we learnt to accept people with all their differences, weirdness and uniqueness!

Consistent, common behaviour which confirms to the standards of the society is "normal". So, being normal implies that there is consistency and standardisation. A person is considered normal when his thoughts and actions are acceptable according to social norms.

However, being normal also means that I am the same as everyone else around me. It means we all think and act in the same manner.

Is that really possible? When the five fingers in our hand aren't same, how can every person in a given society be same? There might be certain similarities but there are bound to be some differences, right?

Every single person in this world is unique in his/her own way. Which implies they aren't the same. Does that mean they aren't 'normal'? Definitely not!

Being unique, being different adds variety and we know that variety is the spice of life! Behind different or unique makes one stand out and attracts immediate attention!

One might say that being unique and different can also mean being a 'rebel'. Does being myself mean I am a rebel? Well, not really. Or maybe, on second thoughts, to an extent it does mean I am a rebel....

But is being a rebel such a bad thing? Of course not!

There's a zillion things one should be and shouldn't be! There's a lot that we aren't allowed or expected to be.

So, is being normal a good thing? Maybe. But not always!

History of human evolution is replete with instances of pioneers and trailblazers who were 'different' and did things differently!

Just imagine how tedious and boring it would be if everyone and everything in this world was the same! Uniformity is desirable to an extent but can't be absolute.

If the rainbow didn't have 7 different colours would it still be as pretty? If music didn't have different notes would it still make us lose all sense of space and time? Would our world be as vibrant and colourful if it wasn't a melting pot of different cultures and races? Would our earth be still as beautiful if nature didn't endow it with scenery that changed every few hundred kilometres?

When we get attracted to a person, it's generally because while we do have some similarities, we also have our own distinct qualities. It wouldn't be interesting if we were all thinking about the same things or doing the same thing all the time!

Human life can become dull and tedious, uninteresting and boring if we don't take a break from our usual routine and daily chores. The pattern needs to be broken. We need to think out of the box sometimes.

Where there's white, there's black too. Light and darkness, day and night, laughter and tears, good and bad, coexist. If you don't experience the mad and sad, you will never know the happy and good! Without darkness we won't appreciate light!

Similarly, an individual has a normal, regular, good side as well as a wild and naughty side which make his/ her personality more attractive. I can't be either this or that but I can be a little bit of this and a little bit of that! I can be sweet or salty or bitter, but it's all ME! I can be an angel or a devil!

It's wonderful to be excited about little things in life and express various emotions in life. It's wonderful to let the child within you take over and make you naughty and unbridled! It's wonderful to get dead drunk sometime and just lose self control, to be wild and inhibited.

Being normal is overrated. Being normal is boring. Let's make life more interesting. Let's let our hair down and paint the town red! Let's surprise others and ourselves! Let's be what we want to be. Let's be what we are. Let's be interesting, different, unique.

Let's not be boring or normal.

Let's not be the same as others.

Let's be ourselves and enjoy being ourselves.

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1 Comment

Nov 24, 2019

True that...excellent write 👍

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