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There was a time.......

You could hear my silence

You could read my mind

You could see my soul

You could feel my heartbeat

You could see the smile before it reached my lips

You could make me feel warm and loved

With just a glance

We didn't need words between us

Nor touch or sight

There was a time like that.....

Now between you and me

There's a river in spate

Overflowing with words.

Meaningless shallow words.

Hurting demeaning words.

Unkind undeserved words.

Cruel hateful words.

I watch you ,waiting....

You watch me, waiting....

Who will cross the river first?

Hoping for a miracle.


As if on cue, we both take a step forward.

Our eyes hopeful,


Lips silently praying.

We keep moving forward

Till we reach each other.

We could hear each other though our lips are silent.

We could feel our hearts beating together

As we intertwined our fingers.

Questions and doubts??

The eyes answer-



Brimming with emotions.

Soul searching.

Eyes never lie......

Words do.

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