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Short cut to nowhere!

Hubby was proofreading my latest blog and TBH caught his eye. "What's TBH?" He asked me. I smiled, " To be honest!" 😬

He rolled his eyes.

Naomi asked him- "Papa DYK (do you know)what CLAH is? Clucking like a hen! Ha ha ha ha!😂

ISTG (I swear to God!)Hubby honestly didn't know how to react!!! 😜

SMH(shaking my head), I told hubby," FYI (for your information), here's when you should say ELI5!"

"WTH(what the heck) is that now?," asked a visibly amused hubby, proud that he came up with one as well!

"Explain it to me like I'm 5! Hahaha!," chimed in my younger one, Zinnia😝

JSYK( Just so you know) here was my inspo (inspiration) for this blog! I took out my notebook ASAP(As soon as possible) and made a NTS (note to self)!

After a while I declared,"BTW (By the way) Fam (family), I'm On my way! (on my way) to meet my BFF (best friend forever) at the club! TGIF (Thank God it's Friday)! How's the OOTD (outfit of the day)?

"It's Lit mom!You are slaying it totally!," screamed my biggest fans, my little girls.

"Really! TYSM (thank you so much) babies😍 I borrowed this from my lil sis....", I confessed.

"TMI (too much information) Ma! IMO (in my opinion) it doesn't matter! What matters is that you are the best❤!", says Naomi wisely.

"After all Mommy YOLO( You only live once)! NVM (never mind) what others think or say! MTFBWY!", said Zinnia and we all looked at her puzzled!

"May the Force be with you! "😬Zinu said with a grin.

Hubby had been watching the entire exchange very closely. Finally he says," Minnie, aren't you getting late??"

I looked at the time and yelled out," OMG, I'm late! Ok guys, GTG (got to go)! BFN (bye for now)! CYL (See you later)! Honey, can you please drop me off? I don't want to take a cab!"

Hubby smiled indulgently and said," HTH (happy to help) darling! Ok girlies, BRB (be right back) and then we will watch a movie. What do you say?"

"Of course Papa! TYT (take your time)!," yelled the girls in excitement.

As I was getting out of the car, hubby asked me, " I wonder what people do with the time they save by typing K instead of OK!!!"

IKR(I know right)! I wonder as well.....

........Anyway, IDK (I don't know) and frankly IDC (I don't care)!

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Jan 05, 2020

😁😁😁 Exceptionally short short cut...


Ari Y
Ari Y
Jan 01, 2020

VWS!! 😀

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