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I felt the pain.

My heart aches

My head throbs

With constant dull pain

Of losing

a loved one ...

my happiness ...

my smile...

Grief and sadness

gripped me with their countless arms

Dragging me down

into a whirlpool

of hopelessness

Quicksand of despair and loneliness

As the rain comes down

I'm glad no one can see

Sudden ununnounced

silent tears that

run down my face


Pool around my feet.

I squeeze my eyes shut

and cry out the last tears.

The rain has stopped

The sky is clear

The heart doesn't ache any more.

The pain is bearable.

I know he is up there

Watching me all the time

He is my guardian angel

Who gave me


The wings that lift me up

Out of the quagmire of

grief, despair and darkness

Into the light of hope.

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