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The Package - Part 3(version 2)

This version has a different story with an unexpected twist!

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Sleep eluded me and Ira didn't want to be alone. So, both of us were huddled together on my bed, trying to comfort each other in silence. It felt awful to see Ira so worried and sad... Her smile, her energy just vanished! I held her close and said," Ira, we have to find this guy... We don't even know who he is and he has turned our lives upside down! This can't carry on like this!" "What makes you so sure it's a guy? It can be a girl for all you know!" Ira's clarity of thought never ceases to amaze me! Of course, it can be! My mind suddenly time travelled to my not so unusual past as we both tried to think if there was any girl or woman I had been nasty to! Well, right now, no one came to mind.... My phone rang. It was Jeon. "There's someone with a similar package going up the stairs. Don't open the door. My men are right behind the suspect. Don't panic or make any sound. I'm sure this is our guy!" He said ,as I looked at Ira asking her to keep quiet. I waited but the bell never rang! Jeon called again," Get ready and come to the police station. My driver is waiting downstairs. Get Ira also. I think you are in for a surprise! Prepare yourselves mentally!" Ira and I rushed to Jeon's office. Handcuffed and seated in front of Jeon, we saw an unfamiliar face, hidden by a mask. Confused, Ira and I moved closer for a better look when a lady cop unmasked the stranger. Ira was right. It's a young girl, barely I have never seen in my life! A complete stranger! "I don't know her, Jeon. Nor does Ira! Who is she? " I asked, curious. "Look at these photos. We also have videos! This young woman was stalking you both for a while now. I don't know how, but she had videos of you both, nothing indecent though." Jeon said, handing me an envelope. It had pictures of Ira and me at work, eating out, shopping, at home.... I was so confused. I looked at the girl and asked her," What is all this about? Did someone pay you for this? Is it someone I know? Why are you doing this?" Jeon looked at me and said," She was sent by your father to spy on you and report. She is your next door neighbor Tanya,if that's her real name that is!" "My father? I don't even know what he looks like! I never asked my mom anything about him, because I didn't want to make her sadder.... Honestly I never missed or needed a dad in my life!" My bitterness spilled out . Tanya looked shocked at my outburst. "You may not need him but he definitely needs you. You never missed him but he really misses you all.... He wanted me to find his family because he wants to see you all before he dies. Are you really so heartless that you can't give your dying father one chance to tell you how much he loves you all. Your mother thought he died in the war, but he was alive. Badly injured. My mother, a nurse, found him and looked after him for years. He had no memories and they both fell in love. I'm his daughter, not his spy! In the last few months his health got worse when my mother passed away but he has remembered his past. He didn't abandon your mother. He wants you all back and wishes we all live like one big family. If you don't want me around I will leave but please come with me and see him one last time.... I beg you!" It was my turn to be shocked. I called my mother immediately and told her to come over. We decided to leave the next morning with Tanya to see my father. Jeon offered to take us in police protection because he didn't trust Tanya completely. My mom and brother would reach by the afternoon train. Next morning we all sat in the police van with Jeon , his driver and 2 armed cops. Well, having a friend like Jeon had its advantages! He has been a big help in this crisis! I'm so grateful because he didn't have to do what he did for us.... It took us 2 hours to reach that place. We got off the van and stared at the mansion in front of us. He is rich, I thought! Mother was clinging to Raj and Ira to me( she refused to stay back). Tanya was under Jeon's alert and watchful eyes. Suddenly my mother screamed as a figure walked out of the huge wooden door in a white kurta pyjama. Holding on to Raj, she called me close and said," Take me to him, please...." Raj and I walked towards the smart looking old man with mother. He had tears in his eyes but a warm smile on his face (OMG Raj is his carbon copy!) We all hugged as a family and Ira came and joined us! Jeon finally relaxed but still kept his eye on Tanya which made a wee bit jealous. So random and irrational! He is just doing his duty! We all followed father to the grand sitting room inside. Tanya went to get some tea and snacks into the kitchen with Ira in tow. We all tried to catch up as mother and father cried and hugged, telling each other how much they missed being together. When Tanya came back with the tea, Jeon asked her why she sent the packages. " I just wanted your attention Minnie. I was your next door neighbor for months and stalked you, clicking photos and videos which I sent Dad. But you were too immersed in your busy life to notice me. That's why I thought about the boxes! I'm sorry I scared you but I got your attention alright! I'm willing to undergo punishment if you want. I love dad and I can do anything for him!" She smiled indulgently at father. Jeon looked at me as if to ask if I'm pressing charges because stalking and taking pics/ videos isn't exactly legal. I shook my head and he finally relaxed as he sipped his tea. I got up and sat down next to Tanya and said," Thank you so much for looking after and loving father... Thank you for coming to find us.... I never asked mom about him and thought he had abandoned us! If you hadn't come to us, I'd never know he was such a wonderful and loving person! Please let's be together as one big family! You are not going anywhere Tanya!" I hugged her and cried. Ira was shocked to see me crying because I'm quite a tough nut to crack usually! A simple lunch, followed by happy banter made us all cheerful. We decided that mother will stay back with Dad, Ira and I will get back to our jobs and Raj will go back and finish his last semester. Raj wants to intern in the hospital where Tanya's mother worked so he can look after dad as well. Tanya wants to ,finally, do what she dreamt of - write a travel blog! I invited her to spend some time with us and explore our beautiful city first. She agreed and we all drove back to my apartment. We dropped off Raj at the train station and then Jeon at the police station. He offered us all a much needed cup of tea and we readily agreed. The tea tasted even better now that the mystery of the package was solved. Ira, Tanya and I got up to leave and Jeon saw us off till the police car. As the other two got in, I shook hands and thanked Jeon for his help. He held my hands in his and said," I'm sorry for that day! I was too shocked to react and when you avoided me, I thought your feelings probably changed. So, now that Tanya and father have been given a second chance, can I get one too? If you still feel the same , that is...." "I need some time... Please understand." I said and he let my hands go with a sigh. I put my hand in my purse and showed him an old newspaper cutting of his photo when he cleared his UPSC exam. " Is it really what I think it is? You kept it all this time? Can I keep my hopes up then?" He was surprised to see his photo. " Well, you are the only one who made my heart flutter then and apparently, even now.... We both deserve a second chance at 'us'. We have to work it around our busy schedules and demanding jobs! What do you say?" I threw the ball back in his court, smiling. " I am not letting you go this time. I will pick you up tomorrow from your office. Tell Ira not to wait for you for dinner." He winked at me as he opened the door for me. The driver started the car towards our building. Ira nudged me with her elbow and said," Tanya and I are having dinner tomorrow. So, enjoy your date and don't worry about us!" Ira and Tanya laughed and teased me! I tell you this girl knows me inside out! We were all smiles as we reached home and dropped Tanya first. Once inside, Ira hugged me and smiled her trademark smile, saying," Tonight you won't sleep because of other reasons, bestie! Good night!" Was she really as innocent as I thought! I wonder! She was right. I couldn't sleep all night! 💜

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Jun 17, 2020

Nice twist 👌👌

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