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The Package - Part 2

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

I was too shocked to even react. This was so unexpected... I don't even know who sent it. I wasn't scared, just in shock. I didn't want to wake Ira up and it was way past my bedtime. I decided to sleep on it. Ira woke me up with a steaming cup of tea in the morning, like everyday. When she saw the box , she asked me about it. I told her about the card with the cryptic message and the empty box. For the first time in years, Ira's smile vanished and she looked concerned as she said," I think we should tell the police." I agreed totally because, honestly, it did spook me out! We both got ready early and went to the Police Station with the package. As we waited, I saw a familiar face. Is it really him? Well, it's difficult to forget the face of your first crush, no matter how many years have passed by! He looked even more handsome in his all black ensemble, if that's possible!

I tried to read the name to confirm my doubts and then we locked eyes. Those eyes..... Still the same magnetic gaze which pulled me towards him as I lost all sense of space and time. Ira elbowed me and said, "The detective is calling us inside the office." He finally turned around and went into the biggest office. Ira was holding on to me all this time and now it was time for her to leave for school. She hugged me and left. She wanted to stay with me but I don't want her to suffer because of me. I went inside the office and the familiar deep voice welcomed me, "Long time.... All well? How can I help you?" I looked up and saw the beautiful black eyes which always have this mesmerising effect on me. I pulled myself together and put the box on his table. As I filled him on the details, another cop took notes. "Tea or coffee? Or something cold? I hope this didn't scare you too much!" , he sounded genuinely concerned. "Just a glass of water, thank you. Not scared, just surprised! I can't think of anyone who would do this to me.... Can it be a prank? Maybe I'm just overreacting!" I told him exactly what I felt. It did seem like some harmless prank! "Possible. But my gut tells me it's not a prank. Still, it's too early to come to any conclusions. We will check with the person who delivered this package to your place. I will keep you informed. Hopefully you won't need to come here again. So, Ira and you are still together and happily single? It was wonderful to see you both. Please call me Jeon. Lets meet sometime for old times' sake!" He said as he walked me out of his office and we exchanged numbers. The package was the last thing on my mind as memories flooded in. I met him on the first day of college. I was trying to look for my class on the notice board when I felt a hand on my waist. I turned around and slapped the guy behind me. He tried to run but someone caught him and brought him to me. "Apologise, you creep! Or I won't hold back!" I looked at the owner of that deep voice and then at the 'creep'.

" It's alright. Let him go. I'm sure he will never forget this slap!," I said to the guy with the deep voice. Reluctantly he let the 'creep' go and looked at me. "Fresher? I hope you didn't get ragged! I'm Jeon. Final year. Any problems, come find me!," He introduced himself and waited for me to do the same. But I was totally lost in his twinkling black doe eyes as I whispered, " Minnie. 1st year. I think I'm in love with you.... Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't. But now I do...." "Hey bestie! Which class are we in?," Ira came screaming and hugged me. "Huh! Where did he go? Ira, your timing was just pathetic!" I said as my eyes kept looking for him. I was in a daze all day and couldn't concentrate on anything! Jeon. 5'11". Black doe eyes you want to drown in! Deep voice that weaves a magic spell! Handsome.Athletic. Friendly and helpful. My first crush. My first love. After that day, we avoided each other throughout the year. He was in his final year and he left soon after. Next time I saw him was when he cleared the UPSC exam and I cut his photograph out of the newspaper. I still have it in my purse! Seeing him today brought back these precious memories.... Ira knows about it but I don't think she recognised him today. Lost in thoughts, I walked back home and kept the package on the table. I quickly got ready for work and left because I didn't want to miss this train! I reached office on time, despite the spooky surprise! Smiling at my colleagues I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw my desk. Wrapped in a green wrapping paper this time, with a silver bow and a similar black card with something written in silver ink. I sat down and called Jeon,my voice tremulous," Hi! 2nd package. Can you please come to my office? Now I am scared...." "I'll be there in 10 minutes since I'm close by. Don't touch it or open it." I heard Jeon's voice which calmed me down a bit. As promised, he reached my office in 10 minutes. His assistant unwrapped and opened the box. It was smaller this time and had a card inside which said," Slept well? Tonight, you won't. Are you scared? You should be. It's not a prank. Your friend is pretty; say hi to her!" I'm shaking now. Scared. For Ira, for myself, for my mom and brother..... I felt tears on my cheeks and my heart was beating like a drum! Someone got me a cup of tea which I couldn't hold in my trembling hands. "Who is this and why is he doing this to me? Why Ira? I have never said or done anything nasty to anyone..." I cried as Jeon looked around trying to assess my colleagues. "Does anyone know who delivered this package and when? I request each one of you to kindly cooperate with the investigation. Thank you." Jeon announced to the crowd that gathered. He offered to take me back home but I would rather be here, working so I can distract myself for a while. I gave him the keys to my apartment because he wanted to install cctv cameras inside and outside the apartment. I called up Ira and told her everything, asking her to be careful and alert. I told her not to come home alone as a cop would accompany her. Then I went about work as usual. At 5, I got up to leave, when Jeon walked into the office. He said he would have a word with the cleaning staff and guards and then drop me home. I waited until he finished and then we drove back in silence. Jeon came inside the apartment and showed me the cameras in every room, except the washrooms of course. There were cameras overlooking the front door from outside and also the balcony. Two plainclothes cops would be on guard just outside the building. Since we are on the first floor, these arrangements seemed appropriate enough. That night I couldn't sleep.......

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The mystery deepens....cant wait to read what happens next.......


Jun 10, 2020

Suspense... 😑😑😷😐😐😐

Excellent so far... Now waiting.. Again... 😐😁😁

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