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The Muse

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

The sky changed colour as evening gave way to dusk and then the night unfurled her black cloak. The shimmering lights at a distance blurred as tears streaked down her face. She wiped her tears and thought," Time to go back." As she got up and started walking back home through the fragrant and colourful tree lined street, she lost herself in the beautiful moment, stopping to look around. She loved cherry blossoms! "Beautiful, isn't it?" A husky male voice startled her. She couldn't see his face clearly, because he was wearing a black bucket hat that covered most of his face, blue buckshot jeans which showed off a bit of his muscular legs, a black leather jacket and black boots. She squinted and moved her head to get a better look but couldn't. She gave up. " Who are you? Do I know you? Are you stalking me by any chance?" She asked because she saw no one around and she was panicking a little. " Trust me, I'm no stalker. I'm just enjoying the beauty of nature, like you!" He said. She wasn't convinced. Somehow, everything he said sounded creepy! Like a double entendre! Well, she was damned if she showed any fear! She turned and ran! As fast as her feet would take her, till she reached the gate of the building she stayed in. She hid behind a parked car and looked around to see if he had followed her. She couldn't see anyone. All her senses were alert as she reached her apartment and quickly got inside, bolting the door securely. After washing up and changing into comfortable pyjamas, she sat down to have dinner. While eating, her eyes got tearful again and she remembered why she cried. That guy creeped her out so much that she almost forgot the reason for her tears! Creep!😖 She jumped out of her skin when her doorbell rang! She wasn't expecting anyone and no delivery takes place so late. She didn't order any food either. With a kitchen knife in her hand, she tried to look through the peephole. It was her nosy neighbor - Mrs Park. "Your wallet, dear. A handsome boy came and requested me to give it to you." She said, trying to peep inside my door, probably looking for 'the handsome guy'! Aah! So annoying! " Thank you so much Mrs Park! I'm sorry you were troubled! He could have returned it to me directly!" I said, slightly disappointed that he gave it to her instead! " Be careful, dear! Keep this- his phone number. Do thank him! I told him to hand over the wallet to you but he said it's too late to trouble you and his sudden visit so late might scare you! What a well mannered boy! You must talk to him! Goodnight! Lock your door and sleep now!" She patted my head and left. I watched her going back till she closed her door. Oh my God! I didn't even realise that I dropped my wallet!!! It had all my important cards- I card, Driving License, credit cards.... God bless the creep! Maybe he isn't so creepy after all! He even had the good sense not to visit a single girl at night! I'm a teeny weeny bit impressed. It's almost 10 pm. Should I call him or just leave a message? Well, a short call to say thanks should be enough! I guess.... I stared at the number on the piece of paper still undecided. Okay, let's do it! I dialled the number but it went into voicemail." Hello, this is Jungkook. Please leave a message after the beep." That deep voice, though! " Hi! Thank you so much for finding my wallet! I'm really sorry for the trouble! I know it's a bit late to call but I wanted you to know that I'm really grateful! " I left a message and hung up. Jungkook.... The name is familiar..... I lay my head on the pillow and drifted off to sleep, dreaming about a man with a black bucket hat and a deep voice.... My alarm woke me up at 6 sharp. I had a good sleep, so I was full of energy this morning. I recalled yesterday's events. What if I hadn't gotten my wallet back??? This morning would have been so chaotic! Bless you Jungkook! I suddenly remembered why that name sounded so familiar! He is a famous award- winning photographer, who has carved a niche for himself in this field as one of the youngest, most promising talents! I wonder what brings him here.... A new project perhaps?

Wait, why was I crying yesterday? I still can't remember.... I locked my door and walked down the stairs. I have claustrophobia and I can't get into elevators! Anyways, my flat is on the second floor, so I prefer to take the stairs! Bonus- It's healthy too! I was walking along the footpath as my phone rang. I took the call and heard a familiar voice which gave me goosebumps! Jungkook- "Hi there! Miss Kim? I'm Jungkook. Sorry I missed your call last night."

Me-" Oh hi! That's ok! I just wanted to thank you.... Actually I'm in my office. Can I call you back?" Jungkook- " Of course! Anytime! Bye." I was almost at my desk, when Boss called me to his cabin. He didn't even spare me a glance and continued with his work, asking me if I had a busy day ahead. I guess he wants to give me some important personal work again.... Not that I'm complaining! I work as the personal secretary for Mr Jin who is the CEO of Purple Hotel chain. I'm lucky to have such a kind and considerate employer like him! A single father, he dotes on his daughter Mia and often requests me to accompany her when he is out of station. "I'm not so busy Sir. I would finish my work by lunchtime and....,"I replied but he interrupted me," Hold it, Secretary Kim! I do have an important job for you but it's not related to Mia!" Mr Jin got up and looked out of the window, waving at someone. Then he looked at me and said," My best friend is here and he wants to look around the town. I trust you to look after him well and show him around. He is into shooting...." What???? Mr Jin walked out of the office without even finishing his sentence! His friend shoots? Shoots what? Guns? Before I could even react , the door opened and Mr Jin walked in with Jungkook!! My jaw dropped when I saw the familiar hat and heard Jin Sir's voice," Miss Kim? MISS KIM!!!! Close your mouth!" "Err... Yes, Sir? I mean, yes sir...," I walked out red faced with embarrassment, thinking," Why?Why me? Should I make an excuse and go back home?" "Miss Kim, please come back to earth!" Jin Sir was calling me, which embarrassed me further. I went back to Mr Jin's office. I looked at Jungkook and said," I apologise. Would you like to go right away or after a while?" Jungkook looked amused as he said, with a slight smile and a twinkle in his eyes," I'm ready when you are! " His words, his dimples and that twinkle only reaffirmed my belief that whatever he said definitely had a double meaning! He is quite..... mischievous, I must say! I went back to my desk and managed to finish my work for the day. I hate to have pending work on my table! I hate to have pending issues in relationships! Oh yes, now I remember why I cried last evening.... There's this guy, Jimin. My best friend since kindergarten and my only friend, actually! No matter what, he was always there to hear me out and comfort me. Yesterday he flew to the States for higher studies and I don't think I will see him again as he plans to settle down there, eventually. I'm stuck, nice and proper, in this small town.... I feel lonely without him.... My dad passed away when I was still in college and mom soon followed. Their's was a love people only dreamed of.... Childhood sweethearts who married against family's wishes and loved each other so much that mom couldn't stay even a month after dad passed away.... I'm sure they continue their romance in heaven! So, I live alone now....I live in the same house where all my childhood and adolescence was spent.... So many memories... I thought about renting it out and shifting to another house but finally decided to stay put! Emotionally and financially, this was the best option! " Excuse me, Miss Kim! Are you quite ready now?," Jungkook raised an eyebrow and asked, knowing his teasing tone would annoy me. I ignored his teasing and got up, saying," Yes, let's go Mr Jungkook." As we drove around the town we came to the place where we met last evening. He got off with his camera and took some video shots and stills. I was curious to see his work , so I tried to take a peek. He noticed and sat down on the bench where I had been watching him from. He showed me the photos and the video clips. I was totally mesmerised! Obviously he is famous! Because he is so good! His perspective on things is complete different from others and that's exactly what makes him stand out! I'm even more impressed because I learnt from the Net that he is totally self trained! Wow! Each shot, each frame speaks volumes! He seemed amused at everything I said or did which was quite annoying. We went back to the office and I couldn't hide my curiosity as I asked him if he would show me the finished product. But he lived up to my opinion of him when he winked and smirked at me, saying," Of course you will get to see it all!" I blushed as he continued,".... The photos. What did you think?" Incorrigible flirt! I mentally cursed myself for even opening my mouth in front of him! I went back to my desk and had my lunch quickly as I wanted to finish for the day. There was a missed call from Jimin and a message which said he had reached safely and will call later. I replied back telling him to relax and send me some pics soon. I was smiling when I was walking down the stairs but the smile vanished when Jungkook's voice spoke behind me," Aah, you look happy Miss Kim! Are you going to meet your boyfriend? " Me-" I don't have one!"

Jungkook-" Come on! I don't believe you!"

Me-" That's your problem! Look, just because you're famous or because you found my wallet yesterday, doesn't mean you can behave like this! Thank you once again for the wallet!"

Jungkook-" Thank YOU for a wonderful day! Hope to see you again!" He got into his car and drove away. Unbelievable! I never get irritated like this! I don't lose my cool so easily! But this guy knows exactly how to rub me the wrong way!! I hope I don't see him again! Err... wait, I still have to see how those photos turned out finally and the video clips! Jimin called as I got ready for bed and we had a long chat about Jungkook. Jimin says he 'smells romance'! How silly is that! Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday and it's my day off. So,I don't have to wake up early! I was really curious about Jungkook and wanted to know more about him. After about an hour or two of googling, I discovered that Jungkook loves to wear black ( wow, really!🙄) and he loves to paint, to cook and to eat! Looking at his physique, it's hard to imagine because he looks very fit! I found some of his well known works. He was GOOD! I don't even know when I dozed off. Saturday morning was bright and sunny. I packed a small picnic and headed out to the my favourite cherry blossom street. It was barely a 10 minutes walk from my house. I sat on the bench, switched off my phone ( because i don't want to be disturbed) and thought about my parents. I missed them and felt very lonely. I burst into tears and cried my heart out.... If only I had someone like dad who would love me the way he loved mom! I'm tired of being lonely! Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my head and heard a familiar voice," Aah! Here you are! Are you ok?" I looked at him with red tearful eyes and said," Just missing my parents!" There was no mischief inJungkook's voice or his eyes today. He was serious. Jungkook-" I thought you would like to see these."

I watched the photographs and the video clips. When did he even take these? I never considered myself photogenic but Jungkook's 'magic' had turned me into a beautiful princess!

Me-" Is that really me? "

Jungkook nodded and said," Like it? I have a video too!"

Me-" Loved these! I look like a model! How did you even...."

Jungkook-" Look at yourself through my eyes.... You will see how beautiful you are......"

Me-".....What are you saying?"

Jungkook-" When we met here that night, you looked up at the beautiful flowers. You looked ethereal....I wanted to know the person behind that beautiful face and luckily the wallet fell down! And Jin turned out to be your boss! We were destined to meet!"

Me-"What do you mean?"

Jungkook-"Would you like to model for my next project?"

Me-" I....I'm...Errr.... I don't know...."

Jungkook-"Take your time.... I can wait." I suddenly remembered I had a picnic basket with me and shared some food with him. Me-"Thank you....I was feeling lonely but you cheered me up!"

Jungkook-"I'm glad you shared it with me. We all need to let off steam at times!"

Me-"It's weird to see you so serious! Honestly! But, at least you aren't annoying when you are serious!" Jungkook smiled, flashing his dimples and winking at me, saying," Really?"

Me-"Let's go back now. I will think about your offer!"

Jungkook-"Sure!" He looked amused. He handed me a big package neatly wrapped with with brown paper.

Me-"What is this? My photos?" I couldn't wait to see them! But all I found inside was a cardboard box with an invitation for a photography exhibition tomorrow.

Jungkook-"10 am, tomorrow, at the Art Gallery! See you!"

He left and I kept thinking about him- his mischievous smile and eyes that revealed too much, his voice.... I walked back home, smiling! At 10 sharp, I was at the Art Gallery for the exhibition. Inside, there were life-size photographs of stills taken by Jungkook, colourful as well as classic black and white. There was one which caught my eye and I stopped. It wasn't a photograph, but a painting- of me, looking up at the cherry blossoms! Next to it was a sign which said - Not for sale. I stood transfixed. Jungkook came and stood next to me.

Jungkook-"Like it? I painted this one for you! I have the original photo about the same size in my room. Want to see it after lunch?" He walked around the exhibition with me telling me about each photo and finally we decided to have lunch. After that I wanted to see the photograph, so we went to Jungkook's room. Room? More like the best suite in the hotel,with a beautiful view of the river. I can even see that park from here! I turned when I heard Jungkook's voice as he asked me to follow him inside another room. My eyes almost popped out of the sockets when I saw huge, beautifully framed photographs of ME in the room. 7 of them- 4 black and white, 3 coloured. There was another unfinished painting of one of those photos- me, sitting on my favourite bench with tearful eyes, sad eyes...

Me-" When did you take this? I'm sure I was alone there....."

Jungkook-"I was taking pictures in the park, when I saw you....I couldn't look away from your face, your sad eyes...I wondered how you looked when you were happy and smiling.... As you walked through the Cherry blossom street, I was pulled by an invisible magnet towards you. The moment you looked up at the blossoms and smiled, I felt my heart beating like a bass drum, no kidding! I captured that moment too.... Miss Kim, I don't know whether this is love or infatuation! I don't know whether its permanent or temporary! All I know is that since the moment I saw your sad eyes, I only wanted to hold you close and kiss your tears away! Your face is all I see whether I'm awake or asleep! You're all I think of and dream of.... I want to capture moments like this and paint you on every canvas I can find! That's why I asked if you're willing to work as my model! So?"

Me-"I don't know.... I don't know what to think or say or do.... I'm flattered and honoured that you asked me but..."

Jungkook-" But you're willing to be my 'muse', my 'inspiration'???"

Me-" Well.... I know it won't last long.... I'm hardly a very interesting person...."

Jungkook-"Well, we won't know until we try, isn't it? Miss Kim, now you are officially my 'model' and trust me (the twinkle was back in his eyes!)I think you're very interesting. Every time I think I have you figured out, I see a new side of you! I promise you I will figure you out.... I hope you don't get tired of my attention! Because right now I can't focus on anything except you! I would like us to know each other better..."

Me-"Are you asking me out? Do you want to ...."

Jungkook-"Date you? Yes! I want to! If you are okay with it...If not, just continue as my muse....."

Me-"Like you said, we would never know until we give it a try!" We shook hands as we sealed the deal. Three years later.... Mr Jin and Mia received us at the airport.

Mia-"Ms Kim, you are glowing! Good news or something? I'm so happy to see you both!"

Mr Jin-"What did you do with my innocent secretary, Jungkook? She is blushing!

Jungkook-"Jin, Mia, stop teasing my sweet little wife! You don't know how hard it was to convince her about my feelings! I had to paint so many pictures and frame so many photos just to prove that I really loved her! ( I glared at him!) I guess I'm not as charming as the media claims! She is my lucky charm! Ever since I saw her, I have only smiled.... and felt happy!"

Me-"Jungkook, please..... "

Jungkook-"What? Please you? Here? There's a kid here, darling!"( There he goes again! This naughty man! Jin and Mia burst out laughing....)

Me-" Stop it!"(I was as red as a tomato with embarrassment!)

Mia-"JK, it's okay! I'm not a kid anymore!"

Jin-"Mia, I'm still here, little girl!"

Mia-" Oh Dad! I'm 15 now! I know things you know!" The friendly banter went on while I thought about how perfect my life was right now! Jungkook is right. Ever since we met, I have not shed a single tear.... I'm not lonely anymore.... I'm more than just a 'muse' to Jungkook. It's love, it's faith, it's 'us', it's forever......A love like my mum and dad.....

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