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The Long Drive

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Jungkook ,or JK as his friends called him, was on cloud nine as his flight took off. He was going back home today after finishing his higher studies abroad. Being rich has its perks for sure, he thought. Here he was, flying in the private plane sent by his father, enjoying all the luxuries money can buy. He was really happy and excited about meeting his family and friends after 3 years abroad! He had missed them! Well, money definitely can't buy love or true friends! As the flight landed, JK looked out at the familiar landscape of his country. Walking out of the plane, going towards his favourite black Benz, he felt energetic despite the long flight. Well, he was glad he slept through it!

His luggage and the staff accompanying him on the flight were following him in another vehicle. JK loved taking the longer, more scenic route and the others wanted to be home as fast as possible. Mr and Mrs Jeon had planned a surprise party for their son and there was loads of work to do! JK's penchant for the village route means the guests would probably reach the party before him! Although the drive from the airstrip to his father's mansion took 2 hours, JK takes way longer because he loves to drive at his own pace. He stops to take photographs on the way and chats up locals. He just has to stop by the riverside and enjoy a swim followed by rustic food in the village enroute. He would take about 4-5 hours to reach home. His family and friends are aware of the same and even today, they won't expect him before sunset. Of course, sunset point will be his last stop! When JK set out from the airstrip, he immediately turned left, into the familiar dirt track that led to the riverside and the village. His Benz could ride the roughest roads! With his speakers blaring, playing his favourite music, his windows down as he enjoyed the wind in his hair, he suddenly stopped. Now, that was definitely not your usual village scene! He drove in reverse till he reached the crouched figure sitting on a suitcase next to an obviously broken red Cooper Mini . As he got closer, he saw the expensive leather suitcase and smart, thigh high black leather boots, short blonde hair and tattooed arms. He guessed it was a girl but couldn't see the face. He honked the horn loud enough for the head to look up. Two big brown eyes stared back at him.

Jungkook thought she probably needed a lift, so he waved at her and asked," Hi! Do you need help? I can give you a lift! I'm going towards the riverside village." (He never reveals his true identity to strangers!) The girl stretched her tired arms and legs, looking at JK as if trying to make up her mind, whether he is safe to travel with or not! He looked very rich and seemed friendly and helpful. He looked safe! She put her suitcase in the backseat and sat in the front. All this time, JK was watching her very carefully. She had a short pixie like haircut which was a bright blonde and kind of suited her cute, chic look. Dressed in a tee and shorts, boots, thin and dainty gold bands on many of her fingers, except the ring finger( so she isn't engaged!), she looked like a rich man's spoilt brat! Well, he shouldn't judge because people might say the same about him! The girl had full tattoo sleeve on both arms. Her brown eyes were wary and she was definitely checking him out!!! Well, so was he! After a full fledged staring contest, the girl decided it's okay to go with this guy. She smiled warmly and said to Jungkook, "I can't tell you how relieved I am to see you! My car broke down and my phone battery died! I thought I was stuck here for good! Thank God you showed up! I'm Irene. I was on my way to Jeon Mansion." Jungkook was all ears. Why Jeon Mansion? Who is this girl? He was curious. JK- Hi! I'm JK! I guess today is your lucky day! I will take my time at the riverside village. Do you have to reach urgently? I'm the one who loves long drives! Irene- No issues! I love long drives too and you look like good company! Let's go JK! After an hour long drive, music blaring, JK parked by the riverside and went for his customary swim. Irene watched him, admiring his athletic physique. He was handsome, no doubt. Friendly, helpful and respectful too. Quite a charmer, actually! Definitely not married....No ring, no ring marks either! Jungkook was back. He had changed into a pair of black jeans and tee. He smiled at her as he took the wheel. JK- Sorry to keep you waiting! I hope you didn't get bored! It's a beautiful place! Very serene. Irene - Oh, I was enjoying the scenery! I wasn't bored at all! (Irene's eyes twinkled mischievously as she openly flirted with him!) Jungkook blushed as he realised which 'scenery' she was talking about! She is interesting alright! In fact he really liked her friendly nature. Maybe she wasn't a brat after all! Irene - Are you seriously blushing now? You are a handsome guy and I'm a normal girl! You checked me out and I returned the favour! Just harmless flirting and honest compliments! Chill!!! They both laughed and the friendly banter carried on. JK's next stop was the village where he ate his rustic meal. He waited for Irene while the hosts laid down a simple fare which vanished off the plates in no time as the guests were starving! After paying and thanking the hosts for a delicious meal, JK and Irene drove off towards Jeon Mansion. It was still an hour away. Irene was sleepy after the meal, so she slept on the backseat. Jungkook plugged in his earphones and listened to music so that Irene wouldn't wake up and he wouldn't sleep! He kept glancing at Irene through the rear view mirror and thought she was really cute, quite different from the girls he usually meets. He had had his fair share of heartbreaks. He had been used by his so called friends and girlfriends for his money. He had become a loner by choice and was happy to leave all that behind. It was really good to be back! About half an hour more and he will be home. But he stopped as they reached Sunset Point. He stretched his long legs and leaned on the car, looking at Irene sleeping like a baby. He didn't even realise when his hand moved towards her and caressed her soft hair. He pulled his hand back immediately and realised that he had to know more about her... He called her softly telling her they are almost there now. Irene got up and came to the front. She looked at JK as he adjusted his camera to capture the breathtaking sunset. Irene didn't want the drive to end... But her destination was close now. She wondered if she will see JK again..... JK - Why are you going to Jeon Mansion by the way? It's okay if you don't want to tell me! Irene - Oh, my father and Mr Jeon are childhood friends from the same village. They wanted me to meet his son because they think we would be a perfect match! I told my father that I would like to meet him alone first. That's why I'm here! What about you? JK avoided her question and said, "Oh, that's the mansion! You can see the main gate from here. Once you enter the gate, there's a long, never ending driveway flanked by tall green palms which leads to a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers. And finally the mansion overlooking the garden. Irene was listening to JK and realised that his description was a 100% accurate! As they halted in front of the mansion, JK came out towards her and opened the door for her. She giggled. JK - Welcome to Jeon Mansion, Ms Irene. I'm Jeon Jungkook, Mr Jeon's son. Irene's eyes widened as her jaw dropped in surprise! She looked around and saw no one. Irene - Are you really Jungkook? I don't believe you! I had heard that he is quite rude and arrogant. Apparently, he is quite a spoilt brat! (Irene teased him.) Jungkook smiled. Soon his parents and friends came out to greet him. There was a lot of hugging and kissing as Jungkook got mobbed. Irene watched from a distance, smiling. Well, she doesn't mind marrying this gorgeous guy with a heart of gold! Not at all! Suddenly the mob moved towards Irene as Jungkook introduced her. His father raised his hand and the mob stopped in its tracks. Irene was ushered inside by Jungkook as they felt a million eyes on his hand that rested on her waist. The raised eyebrows and smirks on his friends' faces meant that he is in for a tough interrogation session soon! Jungkook showed Irene the guest room and went to his own bedroom. They needed to get ready for dinner with the family. Neither of them knew about the surprise party! Irene was waiting for Jungkook as he walked towards the dining room. Mrs Jeon called them outside and they both stood still, shocked to see the huge crowd! Even Irene's parents were here! She was done with surprises today!!!!

Mr Jeon - Friends, my son is back for good and I wanted to share my happiness with you all! My childhood friend Mr Kim is here too and he wants to say something! Mr Kim - Hello everyone! Jungkook, Irene please come here. Dazed, Irene and JK walked towards Mr Kim, as he continued talking, "Sorry Irene! I wanted to surprise you! Jungkook, thank you for looking after my precious princess! Would you like to take care of my daughter all her life as her husband? I feel I can trust you with my most valuable treasure!" Jungkook was a bit taken aback, but nodded his head. Irene went up to tell her father that she liked him. Jungkook - Thank you for trusting me Mr Kim. I promise I will look after her well! We met today and we drove down together. I'm glad I took the long, scenic way! I'm glad for the long drive that brought us together in no time! Mrs Jeon and Mrs Kim brought the engagement rings and got them engaged right away. The wedding was exactly a month later. Jungkook was surrounded by his friends, pestering him for details and teasing him. Irene was with her parents getting to know the Jeons. Irene and Jungkook kept stealing glances at each other. She couldn't help but think she was destined to meet JK! The long drive which shortened the distance between two complete strangers and brought them together was definitely divine intervention !!! Things were happening too fast but she thought maybe it was meant to be this way! Well, that's what she thought till she overheard her father telling Mr Jeon, "Thanks dear friend for telling me your son loves the village route! I purposely gave Irene the red Mini because I knew it would stop on the way! Just as we thought, Jungkook saw her and brought her home!" Both the fathers hugged each other and burst out laughing! Irene couldn't help smiling as she thought, "Oh, so it was all planned by the two naughty old men!!! So much for divine intervention! I love long drives and this one was by far the most memorable one!"

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