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The Home Is Where The Heart Is

As the harsh northern winter gives way to a short lived but pleasant whiff of spring in the air, I can already hear the cuckoo's melody - harbinger of the season of mangoes! Yes, summer is almost here!

As a child, I would always wait eagerly for the summer season. It was my favorite season, alongwith the rains of course! Did I even care about the soaring temperature outside or the worried look on my mom's face as I ran outside to play? I guess not; because I knew that a sweet treat would be waiting for me when I get back inside the house- juicy watermelons or yummy mangoes or maybe the homemade ice-lollies or koolfies!!! Well, summer was my favorite season and no one could change my mind about that!

The school closed down for a nice long vacation as Daddy got busy planning a short trip for all of us to the nearest hill station, before we leave for a longer stay with our closest relatives in the north eastern part of the country. That was the usual blueprint for our summer vacation.

So, I had 3 great reasons to love summer- vacations, mangoes and ice cream- in that order! Growing up, as an adult, I still like summer season but prefer winters!

But somewhere along the way, I lost my summer as we lost track of the changing seasons because a rampaging deadly virus forced us inside our homes for all of 2020 and continues to do so even as we are almost halfway through 2021! Although the monsoons have cooled down the hot summer air, we are hoping and praying, despite all odds, for the situation to improve. We continue to do so...

Its been a rollercoaster ride of emotions as I try to remain positive and happy. Its been tough, very tough, to find mental peace despite the chaos and confusion around me. Many lost their near and dear ones as we continue to grapple with the stubborn virus that continues to spread.....

18 months and counting since I hugged my mom..... How long before I feel I am home?

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1 opmerking

08 aug. 2021

Beautifully written..

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