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The Encounter

Dear readers, you may find that the beginning is similar in this story too. However, there's a twist in the tale! Happy Reading!

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

I saw him, standing in a queue while the person before him was billing his stuff. Dressed to kill- all black from head to toe! I kinda dig that look . Simple black jeans and a tee, black leather jacket, black cap and chunky boots( again black!). Even a black mask ( a necessity nowadays!) which frustrated me as I couldn't see his face properly.... His eyes though (sigh..)! My friends and family know I have this thing for the 'eyes'! Actually, not only are eyes the first thing I notice about a person, I feel that eyes are truly the window to a person's soul. No matter what, the eyes never lie..... I'm generally good with my instincts and first impression about people and the eyes always speak to me! So coming back to 'his eyes'... He probably sensed my gaze, because he stared right back at me. I didn't flinch nor did I look away. I returned his stare with my curious gaze and smiled warmly. Mostly because I was really happy to be out of the house after 2 months of quarantine to buy some groceries at the supermarket and even more so because I wanted to smile at him (people say I have an infectious smile which makes others smile 😊). He held my gaze but his stare softened... Maybe my infectious smile is working! I could see him trying to come to a decision as to whether he should smile back at me or not..... Coincidentally, we reached our respective cashiers at the same time and almost reached the exit together. He stopped and held the door for me. He literally towered over me and I felt like a midget! I thanked him with a smile and finally asked him (what I wanted to ask ever since our first encounter 2 months back), "Coffee?" He just looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and said, "Sure!" Oh that voice! Just one word and my heartbeat quickened! So, we walked towards the Parking lot and he helped me load my packages. We walked together towards the quaint Cafe across the street and he helped me with the coat when we were inside the Cafe. I was completely floored as he pulled back the chair for me, thinking about how he has been such a thorough gentleman all this time. Caring, well mannered and chivalrous, just like Daddy! As I thanked him and sat down, I looked at him taking his jacket off. Okay, he has a great physique and obviously works out a lot! I'm really trying hard not to stare at his strong veiny forearms and surprisingly delicate long fingers, like artists have, but rough hands. Hmm... Interesting. "Just coffee?" His velvety voice brought me back to reality and I looked up at the face I had only dreamt about in these two months, every moment! I was stunned. "Sorry. I hope I haven't shocked you too much! If you aren't comfortable I will wear the mask again and save you the discomfort," he said noticing my stunned silence. His voice broke the trance and I managed to shake my head and whisper, "No, I'm sorry for being so rude. Please feel free to take the mask off for sometime, at least till we finish our coffee and our conversation!" You see, I was totally drawn to this mysterious stranger and I had imagined how he looked behind that mask. When he took off the mask, I could see the scars all over his cheeks. Somehow his cheeks and chin had streaks of white and pink, like severe burn marks. Should I ask him or would it be too rude? While I was still thinking about it, he spoke, "I have ordered coffee. Would you like something else?" "No, thank you. Just coffee, please," I said, my smile back on my face. He smiled back and his face transformed instantly! "Whoa! So handsome!" I didn't realise I had said that aloud till he shyly said, "Thank you. Haven't heard that in a while!" I blinked and looked away, embarrassed, but then my eyes were pulled back towards his magnetic gaze and I said, "I can say that to you every moment of every single day for the rest of my life to you. Ever since the first time I saw you I have dreamt of you, thought about you... Today when fate brought us face to face I'm not going to shy away. I'm going to ask you out right now! Do you have a girlfriend or a wife? Please say you don't! Please say you are single!" He looked surprised and amused at my sudden outburst but he made me smile even wider when he said, "I'm single." My heart was running a marathon but all I could say was, "Cool! So? Yes? Or Yes?!!!" This made him laugh and I thought he was the most beautiful and loveable man I have ever met. I was already in love with him and hoping he wouldn't refuse. As if reading my mind, he leaned closer and said, "I think you don't know enough about me yet.... I retired from active military service three months back because of my injuries. I was injured while fighting terrorists in the Valley. Lost my colleagues, my right leg, lower half of my face and all my confidence! Thank God my eyes, nose and mouth weren't completely damaged.... I recovered but the scars aren't just skin deep. I'm still trying to come to terms with my life and my looks... You are the first person who saw me without the mask and didn't feel repulsed. I'm thankful to you for feeling this way about me and not judging me because of my looks. I guess God sent an angel to heal my broken and pained soul.... Young lady, if you are really serious about it, I would say YES and take the chance at love! So, be ready at 8. I'll pick you up for dinner." His hands were warm as he held mine and somehow his touch, his voice, his words, his loving gaze- made me feel safe and loved.... I nodded and said," I'll text you the address. Don't be late. I'm a Fauji brat and my dad is a stickler for punctuality." "I thought as much! You seemed different than most girls I met . I'm Maj Amar and I will see you at 8 sharp. My regards to your parents, Ma'am." He said as we both got up and went towards the parking lot. We quickly exchanged phone numbers. While driving back I suddenly remembered I never told him my name! But then, I did save it in his phone 😊 All I could think about was his eyes....and all I could see in his eyes, was me....

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Surabhi Consul
Surabhi Consul
May 27, 2020

It's gripping...


May 24, 2020

So romantic 😍😍

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