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The Curse (The Black Hoodie - Pt 6)

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories (The photographs and pics are downloaded from the internet and I do not have ANY intellectual property right over them). They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Jake Blair was living a cursed life.

Born to human parents about 300 years ago, with a fate worse than death, Jake was cursed to live, while watching his family and friends dying in front of his eyes. The curse of 'Immortality' as it was called was exactly that - a curse.

For centuries, Jake had witnessed his near and dear ones leaving for their heavenly abode, leaving him behind - alone, weary and waiting for his cursed life to end. His colorless and monochromatic existence was but full of memories of lost love and lost relationships. So much for Immortality! He would trade it for a mortal human life anyday!

Jonathan and Mrs Jones, as well as the Blairs knew about Jake's curse. While the siblings continue to look after Jake, his 'parents' provided well for his future. One would think that seeing so many deaths would make one emotionally strong, but Jake had a difficult time when his 'parents' passed away. His caretaker siblings will be around for a while but Jake dreads the thought of losing them.

Who were the Blairs? They were the couple who were the last of the nth pair of 'parents' Jake was doted on by! Descendants of the royalty who were indebted to Jake for their lives.

And where exactly does Jenny fit in? Well, as Jonathan said, Jenny is the girl who can end or undo the curse. Its been about a month since Jake began to see color. As soon as he starts seeing the entire world in colour, he would reach the end of this cursed life and live a mortal's life. He had been 25 forever it seems!

Jake doesn't want to drag Jenny into his cursed life but he can't fight or change destiny! So, after a lot of deliberations,he decides what to do with his financial and other assets and also to talk to Jenny and her parents about it.

He calls his lawyer and transfers Monochrome to Jenny and the house to Jonathan. Now all he has to do is wait to see the whole world in colours! He would soon be free of the curse of Immortality.

Jake Blair decided to call his neighbors over for dinner to return their hospitality and also, if possible, to discuss Jenny's role in his life. He wasn't sure how they would take it, but he had to tell them.

Although he was aware of Jenny's growing attraction towards him, Jake tried to keep the relationship friendly and platonic.

Jonathan was sent with a formal invitation for dinner to Jenny's place the next morning, which was immediately accepted by her parents. While Jo got busy with the dinner preparations, Jake got ready to go to the bus stop.

Jenny was already there, waiting for the bus. Today she seemed to be dressed in a dark color which almost looked black and the top looked white as well. Jake didn't know which color this was, so he couldn't resist and asked Jenny with a forced smile," You decided to fit in with the Monochrome employees?"

Jenny gave him a confused look and said, "What are you talking about? My dress is midnight blue and baby blue! Not black or white. "

Jake thought, "Oh, so this is blue!"

If Jenny thought anything was weird about Jake's comment on her outfit, she didn't say anything about it. They reached their destination and walked out of the bus.

Dinner with Jake

When Jenny and her parents showed up at the door for dinner, Jo and Jake welcomed them. The dinner was a little too formal but the friendly atmosphere made up for it. Good food and good company makes any occasion special!

Jake wanted to talk about the curse and his will, but Jo said its too early. So, it was decided that the right time would be when he sees more than just Jenny in color!

To be continued..........

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