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The Bad Guy

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

JK had always lived up to his nickname of 'bad boy' ! At first glance, he totally looked the part! Leather jacket, black pants, black tee, black boots and sometimes a black cap or sunglasses to finish the look. A rough looking but handsome bloke, JK was quite an impressive sight when he rode his mean machine, his bike! Like I said, he had a reputation to keep!!

Not just his looks but attitude screamed 'bad boy' too! He didn't care two hoots for anyone or anything! He was badass to the core and totally unbothered about people's opinions about him. If anything, it only amused him.

However, our bad boy had a heart of gold. A heart full of kindness and always ready to help the helpless, the abused and downtrodden. He could not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour towards those who were already burdened with their woes and miseries. He absolutely hated bullies and abusive people.

JK had somehow managed to clear school and was now enrolled in a technical school where he was learning about motorbikes - his first and only passion in life! He learnt how to fix any problem in the bike and to customise it according to a customer's demands.

Our bad boy steered clear of wine, women and money. He was a simple soul with simple needs. He worked hard in a garage all day and saved for a rainy day, without spending a single penny on futile luxuries! He only owned an old cell phone you could only make calls from; no camera, no music! If it weren't for the bad boy image he painstakingly maintained, he was the boy any parent would want as a son and as a son in law!!

One morning, as JK was under a car fixing the problem, he heard someone grunting, probably lugging in a problematic bike! He came out and immediately wished he hadn't.

It was a problematic bike, alright.... But the person who brought it was an even bigger problem! She had the most beautiful brown eyes and a dazzling dimpled smile which left our dear bad boy flustered!

JK- Yes,err......Ma'am ? What's the problem? Is this your bike?

Girl- Obviously it's my bike! You think I would waste time on a stranger's bike? Anyway, it just stopped suddenly and wouldn't start! Can you please have a look?

JK- Yes, of course.

As JK took his time looking at the bike, trying to figure out the problem, the girl was admiring him. Though grubby and clad in work overalls, his well built body was obvious. She couldn't control her eager eyes as they stayed glued on this beautiful piece of art! JK suddenly looked back at her and caught her staring. He looked away from her frank, appreciative eyes.

He continued to avoid her gaze as he told her what's wrong with her bike and fixed the problem in 5 minutes! He refused to take money but she forced him to accept some cash for his service. She left with another dazzling smile which left JK totally unable to concentrate on his work all day!

As he washed and changed into his usual bad boy attire, JK thought about the girl and wondered if they would ever meet again! He mounted his beloved bike and set off to his friend's place for dinner.

After ages, he was meeting his classmates from school, the only friends that he had. Being poor and an orphan meant that he had seen the meanest side of men. People tried to use him but he was too strong for them - physically and mentally!

One of his closest friends, Jim, owned a pub where they all frequently met. He had missed the last two get togethers and was determined not to miss this one! He parked his bike and noticed a familiar bike next to him. His heart started beating faster as he remembered the brown eyes and dimpled smile and blushed !

His friend Jim, who owned the pub, came out to hug him and noticed his pink cheeks.

Jim- Our JK is blushing!!! Has the bad boy fallen in love???

JK was embarrassed as Jim spoke in his usual loud voice and laughed at JK's rosy cheeks! He nudged Jim with his elbow but he knew Jim won't let him forget this all his life!!!!

Jim (entering the pub)- Hear, hear! Lend me your ears friends! My friend JK here, our rough n tough guy, our bad boy, has fallen in love!!!! Look at those rosy cheeks!

JK wished he could disappear !!! And then he saw the one face he wanted to see and 'unsee' at the same time !!! She looked at him and suddenly brightened up as she recognised the handsome guy she met at the garage!

She got up and walked straight towards JK. As she stopped inches away from him, he could smell the alcohol. She looked drunk! Hell, she was drunk!! She tried to take a step forward and fell right into JK's arms, as he blocked her fall! He tried to hold her steady and walk her back to her table. He could feel all eyes on him and avoided looking at anyone!

Finally, he managed to make the girl sit on her chair and gently put her head on the table. Then he looked up as the girl's friends thanked him.

Everybody was looking at him! "Oh please! God, save me!" JK thought as he walked towards his friends' table feeling extremely conscious. The table was a blur of activity the moment he sat down, exhausted! A glass of cold water was put in front of him and he finished it at one go!

Jim- The boy is all hot and thirsty guys! Some more iced water!!!

JK had given up being shy and was now playing along with their teasing. He told them to be discreet so that the girl's friends don't hear them! Jim was looking at JK and caught him stealing glances at the object of his attention.

Jim- Guys, we have lost JK to a bewitching beauty and sadly, we won't ever have his attention 100% like before! He is taken, guys!!!

JK- Ok Jim, that's enough! If you say one more word, I will leave right now!

Jim- Sorry!

JK- Really? Are you done or....

Jim- Sorry JK!!! Don't go! We missed you last time! Ok, no teasing, I promise!

After that, Jim kept his promise till the boys were ready to leave. As JK walked out, he stole one last glance at the sleeping beauty who had captured his heart and hugged Jim.

Jim- By the way, when and where did you meet Sofia?

JK- Sofia? Oh that drunk girl? Today. She came to my garage to get her bike fixed.

But how do you know her?

Jim- That drunk girl is my cousin, JK! You better not hurt my little Sofia or else....

JK- Your cousin? Who lives abroad? Is she staying here for a while? Will you....

Jim- You rascal! But then, I know you are the best man for her! I will see what I can do! JK, you are not only my closest friend but also a great human being! You should know about her sketchy past.... She has gone through several bad relationships.... She was an alcoholic and even did drugs! She is just out of rehab.... And all she had today was two beers which knocked her out flat! She isn't a bad girl, but she got into very bad company! My uncle and aunt have given up on their only daughter, but I can't give up on my little sister!!! So pal, are you okay with that kind of history? I won't judge you for your decision, JK and I hope we will always remain friends!

JK- Jim, nothing and no one can break our bond, bro! We are blood brothers after all!

If it weren't for you, I'd have become food for scavengers!!!

Jim hugged JK as his bike roared to life.

JK was right. Once, he was badly beaten up by goons and left to die in a ditch. Jim found him, like some guardian angel and took him to the hospital. When JK required blood, Jim offered his without even knowing who the stranger was! Since that moment, the two considered themselves 'blood brothers' !!

JK had a sleepless night and decided to skip work. Jim had left a message to meet urgently, so he had taken the day off. The bad boy looked every bit a bad boy as he rode his bike towards Jim's pub. Sofia's bike was still there....

As JK walked in, Jim beckoned him towards the lawn beyond the pub. JK couldn't help smiling back as a dimpled smile flashed towards him and he looked up at the warm brown eyes that looked at him. She whistled as she appreciated his 'bad boy' look and Jim laughed loudly.

JK blushed as he hugged Jim and waved to Sofia. She called him to her table. Jim and JK pulled up chairs and joined her.

Sofia- Oh my God! Are you the same grubby mechanic I saw yesterday? Boy! Your friend is hot, Jimmy!

JK- Thank you!

Jim- He's even more beautiful on the inside, sister! We go back a long way! We saved each other many times! He is like a brother!

Sofia- Jimmy, you can make all men your Bros, except this gorgeous man here! He isn't MY brother, please!

Jim- Sofia, if you ever hurt him I won't forgive you.... I swear!

Sofia- Trust me bro! This time I have made up my mind for good!

Jim- Sis, he doesn't drink or smoke or gamble or womanise! He doesn't even show off his washboard abs or big muscles or his handsome face! This guy is a gem! A diamond! He is so rare.... If he loves you, consider yourself the luckiest woman in this world!

Sofia- Jimmy, are you kidding me! Is he really human?

JK- Please Jim! Don't make me sound like some alien! It's just that I never had the time, money or fascination for any of these things!

Sofia- Oh, that's sad.... I was hoping I could steal you away from my brother for a bike ride! Consider yourself lucky that you are the first man who will ride my bike!

JK- No way! You are the only lucky woman who gets to sit on my bike! Just hold on tight because the ride would be rough!

Sofia's cheeks went pink as JK's words made her blush while Jim laughed loudly and gave JK a pat on the back!

Jim- Way to go bro! You shut my little sis up! That's something!!! Go you two, have fun! Don't hurry back JK! I know Sofia won't let you! Lil sis, hold him tight and don't leave him! Ever!

Jim's eyes were teary as he watched JK and Sofia drive away. He knew it was a love that will last a lifetime.... JK will never give up on Sophia.....

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