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T for Trouble

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

You know what's a thousand times more dangerous than a wicked handsome man? A handsome man with a wicked sense of humour, who knows he is handsome!!!

That's Jungkook or JK for you! Dashing, charming and humorous, this handsome devil can sweep any woman off her feet! Effortlessly! Just being himself is enough for JK to charm his way to anybody's heart!

If trouble were a man, it would look like JK!

It all started when I went to a party hosted by my dear friend Hope. We were close since our schooldays and literally bumped into each other, after many years, last week as we took a shared taxi! Destiny! We caught up with each other's lives during the ride and finally discovered that we are neighbours! What a small world!

Hope was married. His wife Marie was busy as any mother of twins would be! Thankfully, Hope was a chilled out dude and a hands-on dad, totally helping with feeding and cleaning of the twins, so that his lovely wife could relax a bit! They were the perfect example of a happy couple in love💜

It was their 3rd wedding anniversary today and I had baked a cake and wrapped a wine bottle nicely as a gift for the lovely couple. More than Hope, it was Marie who really looked forward to my presence there since the guests are mostly Hope's family and close friends. Marie is an orphan and her brother,who I have never met, is her only guest. I'm her only friend, she says. She has been an introvert and a loner most of her life. Meeting Hope was the best thing that happened to her! He was a ball of sunshine, radiating with warmth and positivity and his smile was infectious!

I somehow balanced the bottle of wine and the cake, as I rang the bell. I was about 5 minutes late; that's ok.... As the door opened, I stared into a pair of jet black eyes with a piercing gaze that made me freeze on the spot. There was something both mesmerising and intimidating about those eyes as I could feel them looking right through me like some X-Rays! Slow to respond, despite my heart hammering in my ears, I stared back at the striking handsome face, a devilish smirk showing he was well aware of his effect on me.

Marie's high pitched scream broke the spell as she came out through the door, shoving the handsome devil aside! She hugged me and led me inside, shooting an angry glare at the guy with black eyes. He was the only guest, besides me, so far.

Marie - Sorry about that darling! That's my evil sibling Jungkook, JK for short! He could have helped you with the presents, but he would rather attack you with his dagger eyes first! Really JK, I don't know how you are Hope's best friend! He is day, you are night! Complete opposites!

JK was silently smirking, looking at me and his sister, Marie. I was still shaken and followed Marie into the kitchen, feeling safer with her around. JK was leaning at the door watching us getting the food ready. Hope was busy tucking in the little ones for the night since mommy Marie was in the kitchen.

After a while, we were done with all the prep. The table was laid, drinks were made and the guests were expected any minute! Marie and Hope had gone to change their clothes. I was stuck with the devil!

Suddenly, JK started walking towards me as I poured myself a glass of cold water. It wasn't hot but I needed a cold drink! My hand started shaking a bit. I felt a strong warm hand on mine steadying the water jug, as JK drawled lazily in his husky voice, "Hi! I'm Jungkook. My sister forgot to introduce you. And, you are??"

Me - Eva. I'm...Eva. Hope's friend from school.

JK - Wow! We have something in common after all! I'm Hope's friend too! Are you ok now or should I continue to hold the jug?

I quickly nodded and he let go of my hand, laughing as if I had cracked the funniest joke ever!

Me - You think I'm funny?

JK - You want to know what I think of you? Already? We have known each other for precisely... 30 minutes now!

Really? Just 30 minutes with this devil and I had lost my composure completely! I was surprised at myself for being so sensitive and jumpy, totally unlike my usual self!

The bell saved me from further embarrassment as the guests started pouring in. Hope and Marie were back to playing host as I hovered around the kitchen, after greeting everyone and introducing myself. I was avoiding the devil himself!

Marie walked in and asked for the snacks. I told her to relax and talk, while I got the snack tray ready. I served all the guests and finally went to JK with the tray. He picked up a piece of kebab and as I turned to go back, he said, "Look here." I turned around to find half the kebab being offered to me.

Me - No, thanks I'm a vegetarian! (I lied because I didn't want him to feed me! )

JK - Oh, my bad! Sorry about that!

Marie - Since when did you become a vegetarian, Eva? You complimented my mince pie so much that day!!!

JK shot me a glare but said nothing. He went to the bar and refilled his glass.

Marie - Eva, what about you? JK, give her something to drink, will you?

Me - Actually, I don't....

JK - Ah! Let me guess! You don't drink either, right? Or you will drink as long as I don't serve you one?

His words were like stones that hit me hard! His sarcasm was like a sharp knife that drew blood where it struck.

Me - Bullseye! But all I wanted to say was that I don't take anything except red wine. So, excuse me while I pour myself a nice big glass of red wine!

I took my wine glass and sat with the guests, talking and laughing. I totally forgot about JK till we bumped into each other again when I was getting the dessert to the table. I had a tray full of the cake I had baked and he was carrying a huge dish full of icecream and assorted toppings. As we put our trays down, we shot each other murderous looks.

Hope - Eva, JK, why do you both look like you are ready to kill each other?

(Both answered at the same time!)

Eva: Ask him.

JK: Ask her!

We both looked at each other and then looked away, as the guests all burst out laughing! I was so embarrassed.... I went back into the kitchen and Hope followed me.

Hope - Eva, did JK say something nasty to you? Come on, I will sort him out once the guests leave! Enjoy the beautiful cake you baked for us, come on!

The party went off well. Marie went straight to bed, while I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. JK and Hope were cleaning up the Bar and the dining table. I could hear muffled laughter and friendly banter, but couldn't make out what they were talking about.

When I was done cleaning, it was time to go home. Hope came and hugged me, saying, "Thank you dear Eva for everything. It's too late now... JK will drop you back home."

Me - No, no... (I bit my lip as I realised JK was ready with a harsh remark!) ... Ok, fine. Good night Hope!

We walked in complete silence. Suddenly JK sighed and I looked at him .

JK - Ah! Come on! Let's not make this more awkward. Do I really make you so uncomfortable? Actually, I wanted to genuinely thank you for being a friend to Marie. She was always so busy looking after me that she never had friends! You know, at the orphanage, she never left me alone even for a second!

Me (I extended my hand out for a hand shake) - Sorry we got off on the wrong foot! Let's try to be friends!

JK (holding my hand tight)- Friends? I have enough friends! How about friends with benefits?

Me - Thank you and goodbye! I don't want to see you ever again!!!

I yanked my hand away and stomped my foot as he laughed at my childish tantrum!

I ran inside my house and banged the door shut! I peeped out of the peep hole and saw no one, so I went outside, totally forgetting about the door. As the door shut itself, I realised I had locked myself out of my house!!!

Me - Oh no, no, no.... Please! Come on, open!!! Stupid jerk it's all your fault!!!!

I jumped as I heard a voice behind me!

JK - Really??? How is it my fault? I didn't call you out nor did I ask you to leave your keys inside!!! Come on, let's go back. You can sleep with us!

Me - What??? Are you mad?

JK - You can sleep with Marie, I mean. Hope will come to my room. Understood? Really, what do you take me for? A pervert?

Me - And who suggested being friends with benefits?

JK - Oh, I see... Are you seriously considering my proposal? I never thought you'd even remember that, but I guess I was wrong!

Me - You are pathetic! Let's go. I'm going mad!!!! What a day, honestly!

We walked back to Hope's house. JK dragged Hope out of bed and explained that I locked myself out. A very sleepy Hope just went to the guest room and slept off. As I went towards Marie's room, JK whispered into my ear," Sweet dreams! Try not to dream about me, though!"

I glared at him and shut the door. It had been a long day and I was really sleepy and tired. Thank God, tomorrow is a Sunday! I went to sleep the moment I lay down on the bed.

It was a cooing sound that woke me up. The sun was up and it was a lovely sunny morning. I woke up disoriented and suddenly remembered why I was here!

I turned to see Marie's twins awake, playing with my hair and my fingers. Marie was still fast asleep. As I smiled and cooed with the babies, I heard Hope's cheery 'good morning'.

I sat up and looked at him as he handed me a toothbrush and towel. I smiled and went to freshen up. When I came out, JK had taken my place and was playing with the babies. My heart skipped a beat at that beautiful scene and I stood watching.

JK - My back must be full of holes by now! Stop staring! I know I have a sexy back too!

And he turned around to catch me totally unawares! I went red in the face and looked around for a comb. Marie woke up and was surprised to see me.

Marie - Eva, what are you doing here, darling? Didn't you go home at all last night? JK, can you make some coffee and some breakfast for both of us! You know Hope is useless in the kitchen!

JK - Rightaway sis! I'll call when it's ready!

Me - Oh, can he cook?

Marie - Eva, we learnt to be independent at a very young age! Scared that JK might be alone some day, I taught him everything! He is good house-husband material!

We burst out laughing as JK yelled from the kitchen, "I heard that you wicked woman!"

Marie - Serves you right, you devil!

I smiled at this typical exchange between siblings. Marie and I enjoyed the simple but yummy breakfast JK made for us, which he laid out beautifully in the garden outside. While the 3 of us ate, Hope joined us, twins in tow in their pram.

Hope - It's a lovely day! Beautiful weather! Eva, have you seen the lake? We can all go, if Marie feels up to it!

Marie - Of course! I love that park next to it too! Let's get ready!

Me - Err.... I don't have my clothes here, Marie!

Hope - JK, take the tools and get that damn door working my boy! Eva, there's no door this guy can't open!

I gave JK a doubtful look as we set off towards my house. Well, as Hope had said, JK opened my door without damaging the lock or the door. I was surprised and very thankful.

JK - All I get is a 'thank you'? That's it? At least a hug, come on!

Me - Thank you Jungkook.

I smiled warmly at him and hugged him.

When I pulled back, JK was visibly flustered and said, "Where were you hiding that smile, beautiful ? What if I fall in love with you?"

Me - Please give me 15 minutes to get ready. I will be there soon! Bye!

JK looked at me with a softness I hadn't seen before, smiling the most genuine smile since yesterday and left.

I was a whirlwind of activity as I had a quick bath and pulled on a pair of blue jeans and white shirt. I took my sunglasses, hat and my purse as I locked the door carefully. Except Marie everyone was ready and waiting in the huge car. JK got out of the driving seat and I noticed we were twinning in blue jeans and white shirts! I quickly put on my hat and my shades and walked towards the backseat. Hope was already sitting there with the twins and Marie was to join him. So, I sat on the front seat next to JK, stealing glances at him.

Jungkook, in white shirt, blue jeans and boots was a sight for sore eyes! How can someone be so effortlessly gorgeous and handsome?!! I felt his eyes on me as he leaned closer to fasten my seat belt and lock my door. What was I expecting, honestly!!! My own thoughts were scaring me now!

Marie came and we set off for the lake. Jungkook and Hope were singing away as Marie dozed off, oblivious to the world!

Me - Wow! Hope, you really sing well! JK has a beautiful voice too!

Hope & JK - Thank you !

Hope - Marie, wake up darling! We have reached !

Marie woke up and together with Hope, she pulled the babies into her arms, settling them down into the pram.

Hope - JK, why don't you show Eva the lake first? We will take a walk around the park. The pram can't be taken up and down the stairs you know!

JK - Ok! See you!

Me - I never knew about this lake! I've been in this city for 3 years now!

JK- Really? I have spent all my life here and I know the best and the worst parts of this city!! I can show you around sometime! The better parts of course!

Me - Oh, I'd like that!

JK - Whoa! What happened to the claws? Why are you so nice today? I can't take it!

Me - Stop teasing me! I know I got irritated last night but do you know how annoying you can be?

As we climbed up the steps, I saw the beautiful lake with its clear water. There were some boats too.

Me - Oh, can we go boating?

JK - Sure! Let's go!

He held my hand as I climbed onto the boat and sat next to me. My body was aware of his proximity and was responding too- quickened pulse, loud heartbeats, short breaths.... As I struggled with my emotions, JK held my hands in his and said, "Are you cold? Your hands are trembling! Eva, look at me. Are you alright?

I looked at him and saw genuine concern in his eyes today. How do I tell him what I'm feeling right now? Why is he looking at me like that? Oh God, I'm melting....

JK - What's wrong Eva? You ok?

Me (shaking my head) - No.... Jungkook, I'm not ok.... Everything is wrong! I've known you for less than 24 hours but my whole being responds to you in a manner that confuses me.... I seem to have no control over my thoughts, words, feelings or actions! I don't know what to do....

JK - Ah, this girl! Come here!

I felt his strong arms around me as my body felt normal again.... I felt safe and secure in his embrace.... I felt like I belonged right there in his arms....

JK - Hey beautiful, I think you are in love! You are in love with me! And guess what? I'm in love too, with you.....Love at first sight! When I saw you outside the door yesterday, I told myself, 'JK, you're done for dude'!

Me - You know, what I thought when I saw you? Oh no, here comes Trouble with a capital T! Girl, you're done for!!!

JK - See, great minds think alike!

I looked up at him and smiled.

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