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Tia was exhausted after a long, tiring day. She had finally made her decision. A professionally qualified architect, Tia had applied for a job and sent resumes to various Firms, but she had not received any response from any of them. She had never envisioned herself as a housewife before she met Rahul, who was working in a Bank. Madly in love, after a short whirlwind romance, they got married. Rahul and Tia met at a family wedding. Rahul's sister was getting married to Tia's cousin brother. Weddings are meant for flirting, romance and fun, after all! So, the lovebirds fell for each other before the newlyweds even left for their honeymoon!!

Since the families had already met, there was mutual agreement that this wedding shouldn't be delayed anymore!

Tia and Rahul were still setting up their new home together when the email came. The email said she had been selected at ABC Firm as an intern and she had to join ASAP! Although excited, she didn't want to leave Rahul and work and live alone in another city! It was barely a month since their wedding and they had already paid 3 months rent in advance for this flat. Tia was still thinking about it when Rahul came and hugged her from behind. Rahul- A penny for your thoughts, beautiful? Why that frown on that pretty face? Can I help? Tia- I got a job offer. More like internship actually. But not here, in Mumbai ... I don't want to live and work alone.... I don't want to live without you... Rahul- It's your decision to make darling. I'm always with you! If I could, I would ask for a transfer to Mumbai but you know it's not possible in my job! But if you want to work, I won't stop you....We can meet every alternate weekend! I will fly down! Tia was glad to hear that from Rahul. He was such a great guy! But she still needed to think about it.... Career or family?? Why is it that the woman has to choose between the two? So frustrating! She called up her father. If there was one person who she trusted blindly, it was her dad. As she poured out her heart to him, she could hear his calm and reassuring voice through the phone. He said something similar to what Rahul had said, about it being her decision, her choice to make. But he also added that if she decides not to work, she should never blame Rahul for it! So, she must work out her priorities right now and then take a decision. Tia spoke to her mother and she wasn't surprised that her parents were totally on the same page, as always! So, Tia decided to go for the 3 month long internship for now. Rahul and his parents were totally supportive. Rahul accompanied Tia as she booked herself into a working women's hostel. She would have to take the local train to her workplace. She was well acquainted with Mumbai because her father had worked here long back. Coming back to Mumbai brought back some beautiful memories...

Tia loved Mumbai. The city was like a soulmate that understood her without any words.... Rahul had taken a week off to settle her down and she enjoyed showing him around her favourite spots- her school, her college, her favourite restaurants and hangouts! Rahul saw a side of Tia he had never seen before! In Delhi, she was always tense and wary, although she tried her best not to show it. Here, she was so comfortable! Rahul decided that if she wanted to continue working in Mumbai, he would try to shift here too. Tia's happiness was important to him. She was ready to sacrifice her happiness for him and that really touched him deeply. He loved her so much! Rahul felt he was lucky to have Tia and he would do anything to keep that smile on her face! Tia joined work and Rahul flew back to Delhi. Time flew as they both worked all week and planned weekends together. Rahul was desperately trying for a transfer but no luck so far! Three months were over and Tia had decided, encouraged by Rahul, to continue working. The job was great- professionally and financially! Tia and Rahul rented a small flat now that Tia was here for a longer time. They also wanted some time together as a married couple which wasn't possible if Tia stayed in a hostel. Two separate establishments and all the air travel was getting expensive now! Their meetings became less frequent and work load also increased. They decided to spend their first anniversary together and this time, Tia flew to Delhi. She wanted to meet her parents too! Delhi visit was really hectic and Tia flew back to Mumbai, physically and mentally exhausted, an emotional wreck. She missed her parents, she missed Rahul.... She cried herself to sleep and was glad for the Sunday before she got back to work. Monday saw Tia all ready to face the day with a smile and renewed confidence. She missed her loved ones but she loved her job! She loved being here! Today she was to go out with her colleagues for dinner. Apparently, the boss insisted on one office outing in a month so everyone could get to know each other informally. The dinner was the perfect ending to a perfect day at work. With a big smile on her face, Tia came home. She was humming merrily but immediately went silent when she saw Rahul standing at the door. Rahul- Surprise sweetheart!! Tia was too shocked to even react! She asked, "What are you doing here? When did you come? Why didn't you call me?? Rahul- I wanted to surprise you! I knew you'd be late so I already ate at the airport. Come on, aren't you happy to see me? Tia- I'm so happy to see you! It's just that I was too shocked to react! Tia hugged him tight and they went inside. Rahul waited for her to freshen up and change. He had to come because there was something very important that Tia must know about him. Rahul- I missed you baby! I can't live without you anymore! I hope the surprise was a pleasant one! Tia- Of course! I'm so happy! I was really missing you.... Thank you for the surprise! Did your boss let you off ? He is so stingy about leave! Rahul- Actually Tia, that's what I came to tell you. I could have told you over the phone or sent you a message, but I felt this would be better! Tia- Rahul, is everything alright? Why are you scaring me like this? Just end the suspense please! Tia came close to Rahul and he hugged her tight! He could feel her body all tense and saw the worried look on her face. No, he could not be the reason for her smile fading away! He loved her too much! Rahul- You know that night after seeing you off, I literally cried! I missed you so much.... Next morning, I met my boss at his house and offered my resignation letter. He was shocked! Apparently my application requesting for transfer to Mumbai hadn't reached him! He tore my resignation letter and asked me to take over as Head of the Mumbai office tomorrow! So, here I am! Tia was listening quietly. She looked up at Rahul and said, "I hate you Rahul Gupta!! I hate you so much!" She hugged him tight and cried her eyes out! Tia- You scared the hell out of me, Rahul! I thought something bad happened to you.... I thought I was about to lose you... I love you so much but you made me cry!!! Rahul- I'm so sorry darling! I guess I scared you too much! I will make it up to you okay? Now please stop crying or your beautiful eyes will be all red and puffy in the morning! Good girl! How about a million dollar smile for the surprise? Tia wiped away her tears and smiled, genuinely happy to have her beloved husband here with her. In the safe sanctuary of Rahul's arms, listening to his heartbeat, she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face....

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Sep 06, 2020

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