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I wait..... For the freezing winter to give way to spring.... For a hint of green, For the gentle breeze and floral scent it brings. I wait for your cold heart to thaw...... I wait..... For the cold foggy morning to turn sunny and warm; For the weather fairy to turn on her charms... I yearn for your love, your warmth..... I wait ... To hear the cuckoo's sweet call, To savour sweet mangoes and ice creams To go on a holiday with dear ones to the place of my dreams. I wait for your sweet words of affection....

I wait.... For the hot dry winds to cool down, For the parched earth to quench its thirst as the raindrops pelt down.... I wait for you to look at me with love..... I wait.... To jump on puddles and take a walk in the rain, To see the colourful rainbow, To forget all my pains.... I wait for you to see my tears I hide in the rain.... I wait For the leaves to change colour and fall to the earth, I watch as nature plays out the cycle of death and birth. I wait despite the fading flames of passion....

I wait As seasons change, I wait As months become a year, I wait As we come a full circle - Back to the freezing winter morning I wait ..... Again For spring. I still wait for you....

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Ari Y
Ari Y
13 may 2020

So beautiful

Me gusta
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