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Nothing lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever

Good times or bad

Happy days or sad

Great days or okay days....

Nothing lasts forever

The darkness, the light,

The cold, long winter nights

The hot summer sun

The storm, the rain,

The snow or hail.

Nothing lasts forever.

The name,

The fame,

The luxuries only money can buy.

Youth or beauty,

The pretty face,

The luscious locks,

The voluptuous curves.

Nothing lasts forever.....

The day follows the night

Spring comes after winter

Fame fades out

Names are forgotten

Youth stoops with age

Beauty is wrinkled.

Money can't buy love, happiness,

peace, good health or wisdom.

Nothing lasts forever

Not I, not you...

Not even happy memories of

Loving family

and friends who care

Sharing food and love

Warm and fuzzy hugs

Huddled together around the fire

Singing songs , playing charades,

Holding hands and dancing

To the rhythm of beating hearts.....

Nothing lasts forever.

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1 Comment

Feb 06, 2020

True indeed 🙂😔😔

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