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Mansoon Ke Badal!

After two months of scorching summer, we were waiting for the Monsoons and now we are fed up of the heavy rains this year! Honestly, we are never happy with what we have. We have the right to "freedom of speech and expression" (read CRIB😜) after all!

It has been raining continuously for the past 4 days now. Sometimes there is a brief respite for a few minutes and then it continues. A spray, a drizzle, a shower, a downpour, we have seen it all. Water, water everywhere - literally. 🌧

Personally, I have always loved rains. Maybe because I belong to Assam where it rains for 8-9 months a year! We never ventured out without a raincoat or an umbrella. You never knew when the it would pour! A downpour didn't really dampen our spirit and we could carry on with daily chores with the umbrella handy at all times.

As a child, I remember doing all the cliched stuff like making paper boats, getting wet and dancing in the rain, jumping around in all the puddles , coming home soaking wet inspite of the raincoat/umbrella!

I remember how the boys would love to play football in the rain, slipping and sliding on the muddy playground and I felt bad for the poor moms who had to wash those muddy clothes and shoes!😖

Since rains limited our time outdoors, we would play board games or Antakshari or Atlas or Word game inside the house, curled up on the sofa or bed or on the carpet! The options were many. The games were entertaining and it not only kept us occupied but also increased our knowledge. Quality time with family! 😎

The absence of computers, mobile phones etc meant we used our time more constructively. But we did have good old Doordarshan. Remember the weather forecaster saying "Maansoon Ke Baadal"? My sisters and I would double up with laughter whenever we heard it! 😂

Do not underestimate the power of the perfect conversation starter- Mansoon Ke Baadal 🌧🌧😬 The 100 percent successful 'ice breaker ' when you meet someone for the first time and don't know what to talk about- the weather, of course! How cold/ hot/ breezy/ rainy it's been this year( we say this every year 😝) and how last year was better 🙄 Lo and behold, we are chatting away like old friends in no time!

Coming back to the rainy season and its infinite charms.

Picture this- .....A hot cup of your favourite tea or coffee, freshly baked cakes or crispy pakodas and your favourite book or music to accompany you as you enjoy the rhythmic pitter patter of the rain! Pure bliss!😍☕🎶📚

Some good company makes it even better- be it your spouse or your friends or family! Anybody who loves the rain and a lively conversation !

Rains= hot pakodas and chai, no doubt!

Rains= long drives , romantic music and freshly roasted Bhutta!

Rains= cuddling under a warm blanket and watching a romcom !

Rains= a walk in the rain (under an umbrella)with the person you love!

Rains= board games with your kids/ family with lots of cheating, screaming and shouting!

Rains awaken and inspire the dormant poets and artists inside us. That's why there are so many beautiful songs and poems on Rain! Stormy black clouds, a ship braving the waves of a turbulent sea, thunder and lightening, strong winds and beautiful rainbows- nature's fury becomes an artist 's muse.

On the flip side, humidity, fungus, leaking roofs, musty smells, being housebound can really test your love for the rains! You start missing the dry sunny days. You don't want to go out anywhere on the muddy roads! You don't want to fall sick . You wish your clothes won't feel cold and damp like the weather. You wish the rain would stop for a while because you can see seepage on your walls and the ceiling!

But then, the rainbow can only be seen when it rains. There can't be a rainbow without rain!

Never mind the negatives of the Monsoon showers, the rains bring with them a lot of beautiful childhood memories and make us nostalgic. When I close my eyes and listen to the music the rain creates , I am transported back in time.

I find the rhythm of the falling rain soothing and calming. It relaxes and comforts me. I would rather focus on how good the sound of raindrops makes me feel rather than worry about the problems the nonstop downpour brings!

Jagjit Singh, the Ghazal legend, made our childhood memories of rainy season come alive with his soulful-

.....Magar mujhko lauta do

Bachpan ka saawan ,

Yeh kagaz ki kashti,

Vo baarish ka pani.

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1 Comment

Sep 20, 2019

Yep.. Garam chai and barish 😍

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