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Love at First Flight - Part 7

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Minnie is here!

Ace detective Jungkook Jeon was up early today because his lady love, his college sweetheart, his fiancée and would-be-wife Minnie Roy will be landing soon!

As he got ready, humming a romantic tune, Liam, Alia and the rest of the gang had a field day teasing him. But of course, Jeon was unfazed!

After a quick breakfast and a kiss from Alia and Abby, Jeon drove straight to the HQ. He had already spoken to the Chief about some leave over the weekend. Since the entire family was here, Minnie's parents wanted to finalise the wedding details.

There were no files on his desk. He met Dr Kim , Namjoon and finally the Chief, who categorically told him to 'get lost' till Monday!

Jeon drove down to Jin's Bar and Sonya invited him for lunch with Robin and Dylan. Apparently Robin had confessed to Dylan about her feelings and he had accepted after taking permission from Jin and Sonya to 'date' their only daughter! So, Jin was about to call Jeon for a celebratory lunch when he walked into the Bar! Talk about telepathy!

A beaming Robin ran and hugged her Uncle Jeon and so did Dylan. Jeon was smiling from ear to ear, because he was so happy to see everyone around him happy! Jin also hugged Sonya and they all moved towards the beautiful lawn to enjoy Jin's special menu of the day!

Dylan started talking about how Jeon blushed while talking to his beloved Minnie. Jin roared with laughter as Jeon went red, followed by the rest! By the time Minnie lands he will be a nervous wreck at this rate!

After an enjoyable afternoon, Jeon drove towards the airport, his heart beating faster as his body tingled all over with excitement! It's been more than 6 months since Jeon saw Minnie. Given their busy schedules and erratic time zones, they hardly saw each other on video chats! They only kept in touch through texts! He heard her voice after 6 months yesterday when she called to say she had boarded the plane!

As Jeon parked the car, he noticed there was still time for the flight to land. But he couldn't sit still anymore! He had been instructed by Capt Roy, Minnie's father, to bring her home, ASAP without taking any halts for any reason! But of course, that won't happen!

Waiting for Minnie to appear at the exit was sheer torture for Jeon. He was so fidgety and nervous, unlike his usual calm and confident self! No wonder his family and friends had a field day teasing him!

Finally he saw Minnie and watched spellbound as she walked gracefully towards him. She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek which had already turned pink! Jeon tucked her arm into his and pushed the trolley towards his car. They were soon on their way to Jeon's flat where the gang was waiting to meet Minnie!! Leslie was there too!

A noisy dinner with Jeon's family made Minnie happy, but she was really tired. Leslie and Minnie slept in Jeon's room while the brothers bunked in for the night.

The entire family was going to Minnie's father's house tomorrow morning. It was a 2 hour drive, so they would set off after breakfast. The plan was to stay overnight at the huge mansion Capt Roy stayed in, since Tanya had just come back from her Europe trip and was dying to see everyone!

So, as planned, the two families met and discussed wedding details. Since Jeon had completed the murder investigation successfully, it was decided that as Col and Mrs Justin had fixed the wedding date, it would remain the same. Other details were left to the discretion of Capt Roy and his wife, since they were the oldest members.

It was decided that the Roys' huge mansion with its beautiful garden and lawns, was the ideal venue for the wedding reception. Since Liam's parents were Christians, the wedding would take place at the Church close to the mansion. Tanya, Alia, Laila, Ira and Leslie would help with the arrangements at home, while Raj(Minnie's brother), Aamir, Doc and Liam would do the running around.

The beautiful wedding of Detective Jeon Jungkook and Minnie was a strictly private affair with only family and close friends in attendance. Of course, Jeon's HQ turned out in full strength!

As the lovely couple said its vows and danced together, Liam and Leslie dreamt of a beautiful life together, remembering the flight on which they met each other and fell in love....

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