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Love at First Flight - Part 6

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

My instincts never lie!

(Jungkook Jeon's POV)

It's the 4th day since my parents were killed. I have seen all the cctv footage from various cameras in the apartment building, the surrounding areas, neighbourhood shopping areas, besides those at home.

My colleagues and I have been actively involved in monitoring each and every cctv in the assigned locations as we meticulously comb through the unbelievable amount of data! In a country of 2 billion, we are looking for 2 men who killed my parents in cold blood.

It's lunchtime and we are all taking short breaks, one at a time. I got up and walked towards the window. With my hands in my pockets, I looked out wondering where in the world those murderers are hiding! It's been 4 days and I'm not even remotely close to finding out the truth!

I got myself a cup of coffee and had the sandwich someone left on my table. My secretary and my colleagues are just wonderful! I smiled as I bit into the cheesy sandwich, thinking how many calories it has! But it was delicious !

We all got back to our screens, looking for the needle in the haystack!! I wonder if this was the right way to approach the problem! I need a fresh perspective and there's only one way to go- Jin's Bar! I sent him a message that I'll be there in 15 minutes. I shut my computer and left. I know the others won't give up so easily and that was comforting!

Dylan and Jin hugged me when they saw me. As Jin ushered me to the bar counter, Dylan got busy making something for me. It seems he had created a new cocktail which he had named after me, calling it 'Jeon Jungkook'!!! Really, this guy!!!

Robin, Jin's daughter,came out of nowhere and hugged me. Sonya, also came and offered her condolences.

Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable. I felt like I was being watched. I could feel eyes on me and my immediate reaction was to tell Jin to send Robin and Sonya safely back to the house, as discreetly as possible. While Jin went out with his family, I texted Dylan asking him to use his gift with every customer sitting inside, with minimum fuss or noise. I texted Namjoon asking for backup and the forensic team to reach Jin's Bar in 15 minutes.

Sipping on the cocktail named after me, I continued sitting at the bar counter, knowing someone was watching me. My instincts never fail me! I know there's more than one person sitting somewhere in the Bar, behind me, watching me, watching every move....

I texted Jin to stay with his family because I expected trouble! Dylan was back at the counter. He pretended to be busy and texted me back, saying there are 4 men, on 4 separate tables behind me, watching me and waiting for me to make the first move. I texted Dylan to continue his work as usual and make one more of my namesake for me!

I had decided to wait for Namjoon and not to make the first move, but the creepy feeling increased as I heard footsteps behind me. I still kept sitting. Then I felt the cold barrel of a pistol on my neck and an equally cold voice of someone from my distant past, "Long time no see, Jeon Jungkook! Did you miss me? You thought I'm done for! Gone for good, right? Well, surprise!!!"

I recognised that voice instantly! Alex D'Costa, estranged husband of Tina, whose blackmailing led Tina's sister Sammy to end her life! Sammy was Minnie's neighbor and friend. I remembered that slimy pervert only too well! Looks like he is finally out of jail!

As I looked at the person with the cold voice, I noticed the 3 men behind him. Two of them were the same guys who killed my parents. However, this wasn't the time to lose my cool. My backup is already here because I saw my A team stealthily coming in and disarming my assailant's men.

Finally, with a quick flick of my arm I took his pistol and aimed it at him, "You really haven't learnt your lesson!" I shot him at point blank range, 6 bullets into his head.

Poor Alex ! He head was like a fountain of blood! His body fell on the cold, expensive marble floor, writhing and wiggling, in a pool of blood.

I turned to face the men in front of me and said," When you want to shoot, just shoot! Don't talk! Even the last time we met, he talked too much for his own good!"

I looked at the rest of his men and asked my boys to take the killers of my parents to the HQ. Alex's henchmen were visibly shaken as their leader lay dead. The fourth guy came running to me saying he was innocent. So, I handcuffed him and Dylan held him as I took him back to the HQ too. The forensics team with Dr Kim stayed back to do their job.

The Interrogation

At the HQ, the 3 men were handcuffed and taken to the interrogation room. The Chief was heading the interrogation along with Jennifer. Jeon had been asked to watch it on the screen in the adjacent room. Dr Kim's autopsy report and Namjoon's report on the cctv footage were kept on the table. Dylan had been given the task to find out if the fourth guy was truly innocent.

Before the interrogation began, Dylan came into the room with glasses of water and helped each of the handcuffed men to drink the water. While doing so, he purposely touched their faces so he could read their minds. Dylan adored Jeon and wanted to help find out who killed his parents and why!

After his mission was complete, Dylan went to Jeon and said the fourth guy was actually not involved in this case, although he might be in others. Jeon thanked him and continued to watch the screen. The Chief and Jennifer were just sitting idly, making the handcuffed men all jittery and nervous! This would barely take 15-20 minutes! When the Chief leads an interrogation, he makes it look like the easiest thing on earth! He looks so fierce and intimidating. With Jennifer assisting him, they might have a confession without a single word being spoken ! This 'wait and watch' method of Jennifer's always worked!!!

Just as Jungkook suspected, the two killers of his parents were crying and saying they are ready to confess. At this point Jeon couldn't stop himself any more and went to the interrogation room.

The killers looked scared when they saw Jeon coming towards them. They cried louder, asking the Chief to kill them instead!

Jeon's voice was cold as ice and his face hard like a stone as he came close to his parents' killers, aimed his pistol at them and said," Why? Why did you kill my parents? Who asked you to kill them? Spill it or die!"

Literally shaking in his chair, the guy who had pulled the trigger and shot the old couple, spoke as he cried," I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Alex told me to do it..... I didn't even know them.... I am really sorry Sir.... "

Jeon- Your tears, remorse and apology won't bring my parents back... Why did Alex ask you to kill them?

Killer 1- Jeon Sir, I was actually paid to kill you, but when I reached your house, I saw your parents instead. Your father realised we weren't delivery boys and started shouting at us. I got scared and I shot both of them because I panicked! I got scared! I'm so sorry.... Please kill me if you want!

His accomplice finally found his voice and said- Sir, people like Alex take advantage of our poverty and make us do their dirty work for them. He told us that you are his biggest enemy and paid us to kill you. When my partner killed your parents instead, he wanted to finish you himself. We followed you all the way from your home to the Bar. Alex managed to follow you without you realising it, probably because you were preoccupied... If you hadn't killed him, he would have killed you and everyone else present there, including us! Alex was crazy, a psychopath who revels in killing people for no reason! You saved us from him! I'd rather die from your hands..... We are really sorry, sir...."

Jeon's anger cooled down after he heard the men. Dylan had come and repeated his previous mission and confirmed the truth of their confessions.

Alex was indeed a trigger happy mad man! He killed people for pleasure and considered Jeon as his greatest enemy. Alex was sent to prison for almost 10 years because he was considered dangerous to the society, being a psychopathic killer! Recently he had been released and he wanted to avenge himself by killing Jeon who ruined his life!

The interrogation was over and the investigation was complete. As the Chief passed instructions, the man who shot Jeon's parents and his accomplice were taken into custody. The third guy was left with a warning since there was no case against him. The other two would be presented before the court for trial tomorrow morning and the court will decide their punishment.

Jeon broke down, hugging Dylan and as the mind reader read his sad thoughts, he couldn't stop his tears either.....

The men were startled as Jeon's phone rang.

Jeon- Hello Minnie!

Dylan saw the most beautiful smile on Jeon's face which brightened up the low mood.

Minnie- Hi handsome! I have boarded the flight! See you in..... 20 hours????? Take care, Jeon! I love you!

Jeon- I love you too Minnie! Can't wait to see you!

Jeon blushed a delicate pink as Minnie blew him a kiss over the phone. Dylan wouldn't have ever believed that the great detective, the genius, the one and only Jeon Jungkook could blush or smile like this!

Dylan- I can't wait to meet this woman who can make you blush Jeon Sir!!!

Jeon playfully hit Dylan as they both got up and went towards the car. Jeon dropped Dylan home and waited till he locked the door behind him. He drove home and prepared himself for the onslaught of questions from the family.

However, Alia was the only one awake as he opened the door with the password. The siblings hugged each other tight as Jeon told Alia that the killers had been caught and the main culprit had been killed. Alia waited while her brother ate his dinner.

As Jeon washed his plate, Alia heard him humming a song.

Alia- Minnie is reaching tomorrow, right?

Jeon smiled and nodded like a happy child. Alia smiled and kissed him good night. Jeon opened Liam's door and saw his little brother fast asleep. He tiptoed back to his bedroom, showered, changed and got into bed. After a busy and tiring week, a dismal and sad week, Jeon was looking forward to a happier weekend, to be in Minnie's comforting presence.... He couldn't wait for tomorrow!

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