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Love at First Flight - Part 5

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

The Funeral

A war veteran, Col Justin had known Maj Jeon and Capt Roy since his Academy days. All of them also fought in the Indo Pak War of 1971, when Capt Roy went missing.

The other two were close friends and kept in touch even after the war. Once, while travelling by road from his location to his hometown, Maj Jeon and his family met with an accident in which their children Jungkook Jeon and Alia Jeon survived.

Col and Mrs Justin were expecting their first baby in a few months. But when they saw the Jeon siblings unconscious in the hospital, they decided to adopt them legally, as Maj Jeon had no living relative.

9 years old Alia and 7 year old Jungkook quickly adapted to a new life, eternally grateful to their Justin Uncle and Aunty Anne for their love and care. Alia studied and finally decided to be a professional hairstylist. Jungkook cleared UPSC and became the youngest and most respected police detective. Liam, their youngest, was a flight steward.

Col and Mrs Justin were delighted to meet Minnie, whose father Capt Roy had gone missing. Apparently, a nurse found him in a bad condition. He had lost his mind completely and had no memory. He finally married the nurse and had a daughter called Tanya. Now, Capt Roy is living happily with his first wife Mala, daughters Minnie and Tanya and son Raj in his huge mansion.

Jungkook Jeon had finally decided to get married to his college sweetheart Minnie, which made both the families very happy. After a long time, Liam and Jeon were together, so Col and Mrs Justin had planned a surprise party.

Instead of a surprise party, everyone was attending the funeral of the kind and loving couple Col and Mrs Justin.

The entire family of Capt Roy, except Minnie were already here. Leslie, Ira and Doc, Jin and Sonya, Robin, Dylan, Chief, his daughter Lisa, Dr Kim, Namjoon, entire HQ staff, Alia and her family, neighbors from the same apartment building, his parents' relatives - he couldn't see anyone suspicious or unknown. Detective Jeon Jungkook's eyes were scanning the crowd like a hawk, looking for someone......

After the funeral, Jeon stayed back with Alia,Liam and Leslie, while the others left. He was eagerly waiting for the day after tomorrow,i.e. Friday, when Minnie would be here... Just one more day...

Liam introduced Leslie to Alia, who took an instant liking to her. As the girls walked back to the car, Jeon hugged Liam and followed them. When we reached home, Aamir had made some coffee and the kids had baked 'granny's favourite cake' for everyone. Leslie's fan following grew as Abby and Addy vied for her attention. Aamir introduced himself to Leslie as the Goblin and Doc as the Grim Reaper,which made everyone smile despite the solemn occasion.... Alia, Laila and Leslie got along like a house on fire, which made Jeon miss Minnie even more!

With the funeral over, Detective Jeon was now free to concentrate on the murder investigation. He spoke to Dr Kim and Namjoon as he prepared to meet Jin and Dylan. Leslie was sleeping over tonight, so Jeon went straight to Jin's Bar with Aamir, Doc and Liam. A boys' night out! Jeon reminded the girls to lock the door properly and not to open it for anyone, till they came back.

At Jin's Bar, Dylan rustled up Jeon's favourite cocktail while another guy took the orders from Liam, Aamir, Doc and Jin.

Jeon walked over to the bar counter to speak to Dylan.

Jeon- Dylan, I would need some help...

Dylan- Sir, you know I will always help you in every way I can....

Jeon- Thank you so much... I will call you when I need you.

As Jeon sipped his drink, Dylan could see the dark and dangerous look in his menacing black eyes. Detective Jeon was getting ready for his next mission and this time, there would be no mercy!

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