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Love at First Flight - Part 4

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

The women in Jeon's life

It was almost time for dinner when Leslie looked at her watch. It was time to go back home because she has a working day tomorrow. As she got up to leave, Jeon walked in and asked her to join them for dinner. Her presence will make it easier to feed the stubborn Liam!

Jeon quickly made some soup and ordered some noodles and chicken. Liam ate without a fuss and went to bed quietly. Jeon insisted on dropping Leslie back home since it was quite late.

On his way back home, Jeon stopped by at Jin's Bar. As always, meeting Jin made him feel less gloomy. He drove back home.

Jeon had a word with the guards and told them to be extra careful with security. He also checked their security camera footage to see if he could see the faces of his parents' killers. He finally found one tape where the killers were getting off their bike and walking towards the reception. Jeon quickly wrote down the registration number of the bike and took the tape home. He would give it to Namjoon alongwith all the other cctv tapes tomorrow morning. He needed to sleep tonight as the day had been physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting.

Jeon unlocked the door and went in. He locked the door and changed the password. Then he checked all the doors, windows and the balcony before going into Liam's room. He lovingly stroked Liam's hair and kissed him on the forehead. Finally he went to his bedroom, had a hot shower to cleanse away the day's exhaustion and slept like a log.

At 7am, the phone rang. Jeon picked up the phone and sat up. It was the Chief. His boss conveyed his condolences and told Jeon he could take the day off if required. But Jeon refused. He had to attend today's meeting and find out the details in the reports of Dr Kim and Namjoon.

By 8, Jeon had prepared breakfast for himself and Liam. He woke his brother and ensured he ate properly. Then Jeon got ready to go to the HQ. He told Liam he would come back for lunch and then they would go to the airport to pick up Alia and her family.

Jeon was in the HQ well before time and so was everyone else, waiting in the conference room ,for the Chief to arrive. The Chief arrived and the meeting began with Jeon's briefing since he was the first one to reach the crime scene, followed by the forensics team headed by Dr Kim and Namjoon.

As Dr Kim went behind the dias/ podium, all eyes were on him. Jeon was sitting like a stone- impassive. The autopsy report confirmed death by bullet wounds around 2 hours before Liam found them. But then, Jeon already knew that. There wasn't anything new in Dr Kim's report.

Namjoon came next and mentioned the camera footage which Jeon had given him. Everyone watched in silence at the screen as the killers got off their bike, went to the reception, took the elevator, rang the bell, argued with the victims and finally killed them in cold blood and left.

No weapon was found but they found the details from the bullets recovered. There were no fingerprints as the killers were wearing gloves.

The only lead available right now was the slightly clear shots of the killers at the reception and the registration number of the bike they rode.

Jeon got up to speak again and thanked everyone for their efforts, followed by the Chief's directions for further investigation, where he emphasised on safety measures by each member present and associated with the case. Since this was a personal attack on a fellow agent's family, it was taken extremely seriously by everyone in the HQ.

As promised, Jeon came home to have lunch with Liam. His brother had cooked pasta with salad. The boys ate and left for the airport, stopping to buy some snacks and food for Alia's kids.

Alia was married to an Indian businessman Aamir, who was settled in Australia and had a son named Addy and a daughter named Abby. The Uncles thoroughly spoiled the little kids! Alia and Aamir had a mysterious love connection, which her long time roommate loves to talk about.

Years back, Alia and Laila had met Aamir and his friend Doc. Alia and Aamir were soulmates waiting for each other through many lives. Doc and Laila were the same. Their love story was fascinating!

Thinking of love, Jeon smiled as he remembered Minnie, his college crush and first love! They had lost touch but when Minnie came to his office to lodge a complaint regarding some mysterious packages, they met after ages! Old flames of dormant love burned brighter than ever and thanks to Jeon, Minnie had found her father!

Minnie's parents and Jeon's parents had readily agreed when the lovebirds asked for their consent to get married. Minnie is abroad for a company project and won't be able to attend the funeral tomorrow. But she will be back for good on Friday! Jeon was really looking forward to see her.... Minnie's parents will reach for the funeral with Tanya, her step sister and best friend Ira.

No matter how gloomy his world might be, Minnie's thoughts are enough to brighten it up! The wedding was scheduled two months later, but now Jeon wants to find the killers first! He can't endanger the lives of anyone else....

They reached the airport and saw Alia coming out with Aamir, Abby and Addy. They all hugged and quickly got into the car, eager to reach home. As Aamir got the kids to unpack and freshen up, Liam and Alia cried together. Jeon was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

It was wonderful to have everyone together.... If only his parents were here..... Fighting back tears, he laid the table and called everyone for dinner. Little Abby stuck to her handsome Uncle Jeon and Addy was Liam's buddy all the way. Dinner was noisy, followed by a silent night as everyone went off to sleep.

Jeon couldn't sleep. He had to catch the culprits! He had to avenge his parents' murder.... He had to protect his near and dear ones.... If only Minnie was here to hold him and comfort him..... Jeon drifted away into a deep sleep.

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