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Love at First Flight - Part 3

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Detective Jeon's Family

(Detective Jeon 's POV)

Despite the secretive nature of my job, I'm famous! Talk about irony! I started out as a police detective because I was always attracted to the uniform and when I cleared the UPSC exam, I opted for IPS. My immediate boss was a keen observer and recommended my name for RAW and other similar organisations. I was a part of countless missions, where I was a nameless, faceless agent till I finally met my present boss, the Chief. He gave my wild nomadic existence a stability. I was permanently designated as a police detective but I kept going out on all other missions like before. But, no matter where I went, I came back here; I came back home! To my parents and my brother.

Actually, Liam's father was my father's course mate since his Military Academy days. When I was 7 years old, my parents died in a car accident while I and my sister Alia survived. Uncle and Aunty adopted both of us. Liam never knew Alia and I were adopted till another old course mate of our dads mentioned it. But, it never made any difference to Liam or me or Alia!

Given the nature of my job, I tried to keep my personal and family details a secret, but looks like the media won't keep silent this time! Detective Jeon's fame has finally claimed its first victims- his parents...

Liam had just reached home yesterday after a busy month. I knew our parents were looking forward to his visit because it had been almost 3 months since both Liam and I were home together! They had planned a surprise party for Liam tomorrow and called all his friends to keep it a secret. But, fate had other plans!

When Liam called me, he was so calm that I knew something is wrong. My instincts told me it was something I feared and never wanted to hear! Just this once, I wished my instincts were wrong!

Liam had found the dead bodies of our parents when he opened the door. The first person he had called was me. Within 15 minutes, I reached the flat with my team. As Namjoon and the forensics team got busy with their work, I walked around, telling myself not to be too emotional right now and just treat it like any other murder case.

Most people don't realise how important it is for us to be dispassionate and practical in such situations. We can't let emotions cloud our reason. Doctors, lawyers, defence personnel, police - their job isn't easy and unless they are practical and dispassionate, their work is bound to suffer! I'm aware of how people praise my analytical ability and intelligence, calling me a 'genius' even! But I know both my strengths and weaknesses......

I walked closer to the dead bodies. Dr Kim was preparing to take them for autopsy. I noticed the bullet wounds. It was definitely someone looking to take revenge from me.... As far as I know my parents had no enemies....

Dr Kim left with the bodies and Liam broke down. While I was consoling him, Namjoon came to tell me he is going back to the HQ and will be ready with his reports by morning. I told him we will have a meeting with the Chief at 9 am at the HQ with all the reports.

As Liam hugged me and cried, I saw a young woman walking in, looking for Liam, I guess. She finally spotted us and came closer, saying,"Liam, I am so sorry.... I just don't know what to say.... If there's any way I can help, let me know....."

Liam let go of me and held her hands, crying.

Liam- Thank you Leslie.... It's nice of you to come..... I definitely didn't imagine we would meet like this!

Leslie- Me neither... Liam,if you need someone to talk to or use as a punching bag, I'm here!

As Liam nodded his head. Leslie noticed me watching her like a hawk. So, she turned towards me and introduced herself as Liam's friend. Of course, the genius Jeon wasn't impressed! Liam's brief account of how he met Leslie didn't convince me either!

I looked at her and said,"Ma'am, it's my job to suspect everyone. So, don't take it personally! Please.... I have known Liam and his parents since I was a child. They adopted me and brought me up like their own child."

The shock on her face was quite obvious. She also looked genuinely concerned for Liam. Whatever I had heard basically meant that Leslie and Liam cared for each other and I won't be surprised if they start dating soon. It's probably a good thing for Liam.... It might help to have someone who gives him emotional support and strength in these difficult times... I'm a little deficient in showing my emotions. But then, women have a higher emotional quotient and are better at such things!

Had Alia been here, Liam would've felt better... She is already on the flight from Australia with her husband and kids, but would land only tomorrow evening. She would still be on time for the funeral though.

Leslie had already taken charge as she ushered Liam to sit on the couch and urged him to talk to her about what exactly happened. She had lost her mother too and obviously understood the pain of losing a parent... I hung around for a while, trying to listen to their conversation. Finally I was convinced that Liam is in good hands now.

Liam and Leslie kept talking while I decided to check the cctv footage of all the hidden cameras I had installed in the house. I remember how I caught a pervert who kidnapped Alia and her roommate Laila, pretending to be a blind man to get her sympathy and love!

Knowing the dangers my family might face, I had installed many cctv cameras inside and outside the house, alongwith a door which only opened with a password. It was strange that someone got inside the house and killed my parents, because they would never open the door for a stranger.

Even before I saw the camera footage, I was sure it was someone who knew me and was known to my parents, who committed this crime. I felt my anger rising as I mentally pictured the scene of my parents being shot in cold blood and dying, probably calling out for their children.....

I went inside my bedroom and opened my secret cabinet which had multiple screens. One by one, I went through the footage of each camera. The camera near the elevator which looks directly at our main door, showed the usual people- cleaners, guards, maids, drivers, delivery boys.....

Wait! Delivery boys? What did they deliver? I didn't see any parcel or food item anywhere...

The camera inside the living room which directly focuses on the main door showed my parents talking to the delivery boys, asking them who they were because they weren't expecting any delivery. The boys were wearing caps and masks( necessary nowadays!), so I couldn't see their faces clearly. One of the boys suddenly took out a pistol from the parcel in his hand and shot my parents. They closed the door and ran away.

My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched them writhing in agony till they died... Tears of guilt and remorse flowed freely as my body shook with my muffled sobbing. I wish Alia was here to hug me and assure me.... I cried and asked my parents for forgiveness because I couldn't save them.... I cried because I knew it was someone who wanted to kill me, but ended up killing my kindhearted parents. I promised myself that I will find out who did this and why. I will .....

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