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Love at First Flight - Part 2

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

The Evolution of Detective Jeon

Jeon Jungkook. 25. Married. A police detective apparently but actually involved in countless missions as a faceless, nameless agent. I'm also called Agent 7 in the elite circle of an intricate international spy network which has agents from all over the world.

I was always attracted to the uniform! My dad was in the Army and I grew up like a typical army brat. When I was 7 years old, my parents died in a car accident while I and my sister Alia survived. Uncle Justin, my father's course mate and friend since military academy days, adopted both of us and brought us up like his own children. He was also an Army officer.

Despite the extremely secretive nature of my job and my sincere efforts to remain unknown, unseen, unheard, I'm famous! What an irony! Because of my relatively young age and my 100% success in this profession, I have been glamourised. I have received many love letters and marriage proposals and it seems I have a fan base too! Much to my embarrassment!

All I can say is that I enjoy what I do because I always wanted to do this! I feel I was born for this!

After college, I cleared the UPSC exam and opted for IPS. My immediate boss was a keen observer and thought I was the perfect man for more dangerous missions. He recommended my name for RAW and other similar organisations.

I was busy with the missions and lived a wild nomadic existence. My present boss, the Chief, made me a permanent police detective even though I kept going out on all other missions like before. But, thanks to the Chief, no matter where I went, I came back home- to my family... I finally had some stability in my life.

I am a specialist in cracking cases which have little or no evidence, no eye witnesses, crimes committed by cunning criminals who leave no trace! Or at least they think they left no trace! Where the others give up on the investigation, I start mine....

However, today I was reminded of my first case which earned me the name of Detective Jeon! Nothing like those larger than life stuff shown in movies, but a relatively simple case where the situation had become so complex that a dear coursemate's life and career was at stake!

The case of the Missing Coursemate😎

As a young trainee, while being trained, we were taught unarmed combat as well as effective use of weapons when required. It was reiterated time and again that we couldn't afford to be and shouldn't be trigger happy, no matter what! In capable hands, even a feather can become a weapon!! Shooting practice on the range used blank rounds initially and we gradually moved to real bullets.

I was at the top of my batch in every segment and running for the medal for best trainee. Reserved and totally focused on the job at hand, I didn't have any friends. Since I was doing well, everyone was my competitor. I had always been a loner by choice, even in school, so being alone was nothing new to me.

One day, as we all got ready to go for lunch to the Mess, I insisted on a headcount before leaving for the Mess. I found that one of our batch mates, Ravindran, was missing! Each one of us frantically searched for our missing friend, in the entire premises. We even sought help from the staff. Since lunch time was inching closer, we moved to eat first and decided to continue the search after lunch.

Soon everyone was busy eating. I looked around to see if our missing friend was here for lunch by any chance... But he wasn't.

Post lunch while everyone else carried on looking for him, I met Ravindran's best friend and roommate Kishore. Though not one for much of a 'small talk', I did manage to find out a lot about Ravindran from Kishore.

According to Kishore, Ravindran had jumped across the boundary wall last evening after the roll call and gone out to the city to meet his girlfriend!! He was supposed to return today morning, but hadn't so far! Normally no one cares whether or not a person is missing lunch or dinner, but today his absence was noticed! I guess I'm to blame since I was the one who insisted on a headcount just before lunch. Had I not done that, Ravindran's absence would have gone unnoticed! Apparently, he would get into trouble now,because of me! I felt guilty... and concerned.

Ravindran was missing for almost 24 hours now and we couldn't hide it from our seniors any more! My instincts said our friend is in trouble and I decided to take a chance and called Ravindran from Kishore's phone.

A gruff voice asked," Yes? Who's that? "

It was definitely not Ravindran! My instinct was bang on!!! Our guy was in trouble....

I replied," I'm the friend of the guy whose phone you have right now! Where's my friend? Let me speak to him please...."

It was a few seconds before I heard a polished voice," Kishore? Is that you?"

I replied," No, it's Jeon. Answer quietly and calmly. I'm coming to find you. Do you have any idea where you are? Who are these guys? I understand Tamil. These guys seem north- Indian. If I'm right just say yes."

Ravindran- Yes all.

Me- Address? Any road/ landmark you recognise?

Ravindran ( in Tamil)- Girlfriend's house. Her brothers. Roommate knows. Across the wall, 10 minute walk. Only 2 storey house around.

Suddenly the gruff voice was back again," This boy was trying to meet my sister and I caught him. Now I will complain to the police!"

I tried to reason with him and convince him to let Ravindran go, literally begging ," Sir, please, set him free.... He is just a crazy Romeo!"

But my words fell on deaf ears as the gruff voice said sarcastically," Of course your highness! Your wish is my command! Listen to me and listen well! This boy will be spending the rest of his day at the police lock up!"

I changed my tone and said in a dead, cold voice,"Do you know he is a cop with the police academy? You are literally holding a cop in custody! Think of what the police will do to you if they find out! I'm reaching the boundary wall in 15 minutes, let him go! Otherwise I will alert the police station that you kidnapped a cop!"

My words had the desired effect! My bluff had worked!

The gruff voice suddenly became submissive," No Sir, please forgive me! I didn't know he is police! I'm untying him now and he will be free in 2 minutes! Please don't tell the police anything Sir! I beg you , please!"

I replied," OK! Let me speak to my friend now!"

Ravindran-Thanks Jeon! I'm indebted to you! Please don't tell the seniors....

Me- Be in your room in 15 minutes or else....

Ravindran- I'm coming! I'm out of the house already!

In 15 minutes Ravindran was in front of me! I kept his secret and so did the entire batch. My coursemates were really impressed with the way I handled the entire situation and the friendless Jeon was suddenly the most popular guy around! I could see respect and love in the eyes of my 'friends'. I was given the nickname of Detective Jeon by my batchmates and the name stuck!

Oh, Ravindran and his girlfriend ended up marrying as soon as he finished training as the girl's brothers left no stone unturned to impress their brother- in-law with an extravagant and luxurious farmhouse wedding!!!

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Jan 10, 2021

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