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Listen to me....

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

Dylan had a gift. He could read minds. The moment he came into the slightest physical contact with someone, he could read that person's immediate thoughts.

A college student by day and a bartender by night, Dylan was also working as a volunteer with the police. Actually Dylan's role model Detective Jeon had requested him to help out as and when required and he enjoyed doing that! It felt good to put his 'gift' to good use!

Detective Jeon was a genius at his job, feared and respected by peers and even his adversaries. His attention to the minutest detail and his uncanny intuition, his sensitivity and perception, empathy, his fresh perspective on things, his ability to notice what no one else does, his intelligence and professionalism were already well known. He could easily charm people, regardless of age or gender! In his trademark 'black ninja' ensemble, Jeon was both hot and cool😎 at the same time!

Dylan's employer Mr Jin, who owned the Bar where he worked, was a kind man. He had an amazing sense of humour and a heart of gold. Dylan was indebted to Jin for saving him from a miserable and lonely life! He was treated like a friend by both Jin and Jeon. Dylan could die for them!

In the morning, Dylan got a message from Mr Jin asking Dylan to join him and Jeon for lunch at the Bar. Dylan would have gone to work around 4 anyway, but there seemed to be an urgency lurking in the message from Jin!

After his classes, he went for the most awaited lunch 'date' with his man-crush Detective Jeon. As he entered the Bar, he found both Jin and Jeon waiting for him. They exchanged warm hugs and sat down with their respective drinks. Dylan stuck to a lemonade since he didn't drink and so did Jeon who was 'on duty'. Jin had no such issues!

The usual pleasantries were exchanged and finally the meal arrived. Jin was an excellent cook and had prepared a special Barbeque for his two friends. As they ate and complimented Jin for his culinary skills, he regaled them with his trademark humour which was 'therapeutic' according to Jeon! In fact, whenever Jeon was too stressed out, his only stress buster was an hour or two with Jin!

Dylan was still wondering if this was just a usual lunch with friends or was there something more!

Jeon read his mind as he said, "Dylan, we need your help! When Jin told me he was planning to call you and me for lunch, I thought we could ask you for help.... I hope you don't mind...."

Dylan- Mr Jeon, you know I can even die for you!

Jeon (laughing)- Oh God, no! I need you to live and help me out!

Jin- Actually, Dylan.... It's nothing to do with Jeon or the police.... It's a personal issue.... I had actually asked Jeon for help but he felt you could help better!

Dylan- Anything for you, Mr Jin! You know I can even kill for you!

Jin and Jeon(laughing)- No killing Dylan! No dying and no killing, young man!

Jin- Okay, you know I'm divorced, right? My ex- wife has the custody of my 14 year old daughter. We had our issues and divorced, about 7 years back...but we still talk to each other. In fact, she keeps me updated about my daughter all the time. It seems my daughter has been very depressed lately and even tried to harm herself by taking sleeping pills.....Jeon somehow talked her out of doing that again.... She refuses to see a psychiatrist and I'm hoping you can find out why she harmed herself.... I hope Jeon and you can help me out....

Dylan- But Mr Jin, how can I help? I need to touch the person to read the mind....

Jin- My ex-wife flew down with my daughter today to spend some time with me, like they do every summer. But, they are exhausted after a long flight and are resting now...

Jin took out a photograph of his daughter and told Dylan,"That's Robin, my daughter. Tomorrow I have planned a campfire dinner at my house, I want you to join us. You are family after all!

Jeon- Dylan, Robin is extremely sensitive and touchy right now. She is still a child on her way to adulthood.... Just be cautious and careful not to treat her like a child! She is a wonderful, talented and pretty young lady, who likes to be treated exactly like that! I will be there to guide you, don't worry!

Jin- Oh, Jeon is her ultimate crush! He is the reason she loves being here! Just see how she wouldn't leave her Jeon Uncle alone for even a moment!

Jeon blushed as Jin teased him and said, "Dylan, don't listen to him! That was a couple of years back! She is a big girl now and I might be just another boring old man for her! Jin, I need to rush back to HQ! See you guys tomorrow!"

When Jeon left, Jin looked at Dylan with tears in his eyes and said," I beg you Dylan, please help me... I don't want to lose my daughter.... I want to see her happy.... "

Dylan was taken aback as he had always seen Jin in great spirits and boisterous. He assured the worried father that he would try his best!

After his night shift, Dylan came home and called Jeon.

Dylan- So sorry to disturb you at this ungodly hour but I can't sleep!

Jeon- I'm an owl, don't worry! I'm getting bored at a stake-out and could do with some conversation!

Dylan- Actually, I know nothing about Mr Jin's daughter.... Can you tell me something about her? Likes, dislikes etc....

Jeon- I have known Jin and his wife Sonya since they were in school. They started dating in college and then Jin opened this Bar. They got married and had Robin soon after! I don't think they were prepared for a child! They both worked hard, while Sonya looked after Robin too! Finally, Sonya got tired of Jin being 'too busy' and decided to leave him! She got a good job offer abroad and accepted it. Jin wasn't happy about it! That is what led to the divorce! Little Robin was always in touch with me... Yes, she is very close to me and I'm aware of her adolescent crush too, but that's very normal at her age! I'm her only and her best friend according to her!Even Jin doesn't know that Robin shares every big and small thing with me.... Like mint chocolate being her favourite icecream flavour or her interest in art or her bucket list for travel once she is 18, her favourite actor Tom Cruise, her love for music, especially for KPop band BTS and Alan Walker! Dylan, don't forget to bring some music tomorrow! Robin was hurt the most when the divorce happened! It's always the kids who suffer the most! I only tried to keep my communication channels open with Robin, no matter what! Dylan, you know me. I'm the best listener around! Like the bench in the park which hears you out without judging you or advising you! Robin's depression started sometime last year.... In school, she was bullied and teased, called names, even physically assaulted! Robin made me promise that I won't tell her parents about it and I kept my promise! But her suicide attempt is scary and I intend to speak to Jin and Sonya about how Robin is suffering....

Dylan- Mr Jeon, thank you for the background. I'm hopeful that things will improve.... Good night!

As Jeon hung up, Dylan drifted off to sleep. Next day, after classes and a quick lunch at the cafeteria, he went home, bathed and changed into fresh clothes, ready for the important assignment!

Jin was waiting for him at the Bar and smiled when he saw Dylan.

Jin- You look very handsome, Dylan! Trying to dethrone Jeon? Hahaha!

Dylan was used to Jin's jokes, so he just laughed as he prepared his special mocktail for the ladies- Robin and Sonya. Then he helped Jin set up the campfire dinner and got some contemporary music which he thought Robin might like!

Around 8, Jeon came in with Sonya on his left and Robin clinging to his right arm! Oh, she had a solid crush on Jeon, no doubt! But he also noticed how Jeon treated her with love and respect, like a lovely young lady! Dylan waited for them to settle down and then put on the music, while getting the mocktails ready.

As he approached Sonya and offered her the drink, Dylan felt a hand on his back.

Jin- Sonya, this is Dylan. He is really good at this! I'm sure you will love his latest creation!

As Sonya offered her hand to Dylan, he shook it firmly and hoped she would enjoy the drink.

Jin introduced Dylan to Robin, who looked at him warily at first but then gave him a big smile and took the glass from his hand. As their hands touched, Jeon was closely watching Dylan's face, a kaleidoscope of emotions...

The mocktail received rave reviews from both the girls and Robin named it 'Serenity' because she thought it was a soothing and calming blend! Jin instantly approved of it and put it on the menu!

As Dylan walked back towards the Bar counter, Jeon followed him. Followed by Robin! Dylan was making some cocktails for Jin and Jeon, as Robin watched him with fascination!

Robin- Dylan, you remind me of Tom Cruise in Cocktail! Have you seen that movie?

Dylan- Nope! I don't watch movies! No time!

Robin- I really like the music! Charlie Puth and the Korean band BTS are my favourites! Do you like them too?

Dylan - Yes! I do! In fact, I also like Alan Walker a lot!

Robin- Wow! All my favourites! Did someone tell you or you guessed? Oh, can't be mom dad! They don't know anything about my likes or dislikes!

Jeon- Robin, how about some campfire singing? Dylan sings very well!

Dylan could see that Jeon was trying to distract Robin. So, he winked and added," Of course Mr Jeon! Anything for you!"

Robin( eyes wide)- Do you have a crush on uncle Jeon too?

Dylan- Isn't he worth it? Just look at him! So perfect!

Jeon( blushing)- Stop it guys! Come on....

Robin, Jeon and Dylan started laughing, walking towards the bonfire where Jin and Sonya were holding hands and talking. Dylan saw a smile on Robin's face as she looked at her parents. He held her hand in comfort. Sonya and Jin stopped talking and smiled when they saw Robin approaching.

Jeon- You know, it's so good to see you both together....Lets sing to love and togetherness,Dylan! Come Robin! You're in my team!

Robin- Can Dylan be in our team too?

Jeon could see that Robin had taken a liking to the sensitive, suave Dylan and he smiled at her indulgently.

The campfire dinner was a great success because Robin loved it! Dylan was excited as he shared his findings with Jeon while cleaning up. Jin had taken Robin and Sonya back to the house because they wanted to sleep.

Dylan- Mr Jeon, Robin was very happy today. When she saw her parents together she wished they would get back as a family! She had memories of her being bullied and hit at school.... She was very excited to spend time with you .....and me!

As Jeon raised an eyebrow, Dylan blushed.

Jin heard Dylan's words and said," Dylan, I also want us to stay as a family, but Sonya won't agree...."

Jeon- Jin, sit down.... We need to talk.

Jin looked weary and worried as he sat down on a chair. Jeon and Dylan sat on either side of him.

Jeon- Jin, promise you will hear me out without interrupting me.... Dylan will also share his thoughts with you....

As Jeon began to narrate Robin's horrible experiences at school and her depression, Jin broke down. Jeon hugged his friend and Dylan started speaking.

Dylan- Jin Sir, Robin is unhappy and really misses her father. She feels you and Ma'am are too busy to even think about her. She thinks you have no clue about her likes or dislikes. She is troubled by all the bullying at school and she wants to come back here! The only person she trusts with her feelings is her Uncle Jeon...Sonya Maam still loves you and wants you all to be a family again, Jin Sir...

Suddenly Jin got up and they saw Sonya walking towards them.

Jin- Sonya? What happened? Are you alright? Is Robin ok?

Sonya had tears in her eyes and she came and hugged Jin tight, crying her eyes out.

Sonya- Oh Jin! I'm so sorry.... I love you so much and I love Robin too! But I ruined our happiness because of my selfishness.... Please forgive me.... I couldn't be a good wife or a good mother.... I almost lost Robin..... I don't want to go back! I resigned from my job and I'm back for good! I wasn't sure if you will accept me again!

Jin- Sonya... Darling, please don't blame yourself.... I know you left because I had no time for you both and I was always too busy with work! I'm so sorry about it! I'm glad Robin is ok.... We will work it out, love! For Robin, for us.....

Sonya- Dylan I heard what you said... Jeon, I heard you too.... I got so busy trying to forget my pain that I didn't even notice the pain my daughter was going through.... It hurts that Robin doesn't trust me like she trusts you, but I probably deserve it..... Thank you for everything! Thank you for being there for her when she needed you....

Jeon- Sonya, Jin.... It's not me that Robin needs.... It's you both.... I know you both had to work very hard and none of you did anything on purpose.... You both tried your best to make things work but somehow, somewhere you lost the faith of your daughter.... But God has given us another chance to make up for that loss.... Don't let it go! Look, Dylan and I helped out in whichever way we could... But it's your decision to make! It's for you both to decide what you really want and how you can make Robin feel safe and happy... She is lonely and insecure.... She turned to me because I was willing to listen.... You have to do that.... Listen to the child.... Don't ignore her.... Next time it could be too late....

Dylan- I totally agree with Jeon Sir....

Jin and Sonya decided to get back together again. They married again with Jeon and Dylan as witnesses at the Registrar's office. Robin was so happy that for once, all her attention was focused on her parents and not her favourite Uncle Jeon! Dylan had a field day teasing Jeon that he had been dethroned finally! Robin walked up to Jeon and hugged him tight, thanking him for being her 'best friend'. Then she walked towards Dylan and hugged him, saying," Thank you so much....Can we be friends?"

Dylan hugged Robin back and said," I'd be honoured, Robin! You are a wonderful young lady!"

Jeon winked at Dylan as Robin blushed at Dylan's compliment! He didn't mind as long as it was Dylan who 'dethroned' him as Robin's best friend!

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