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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Come February and love is literally in the air! As the winter gives way to spring, the breeze gently blows to spread the scent of love. In school and college, the 14th of February was the most anticipated day of the year. I remember when I was in class 12, our gang of girls decided to celebrate the day by loving and celebrating ourselves . The wonder years brought a lot of crushes, intense and passionate feelings and heartache. While we dreaded unwanted attention, we also craved to be noticed by that special person who could make me blush just with a glance! A lot of meticulous planning and thought would go into making it memorable.Those in love would make plans to make the most of this special day while those single would sincerely try to attract the attention of someone special. We used to express ourselves through cards or letters. (Archie's was our best friend and saviour those days!) We also searched for more innovative and creative ways of expressing love. Surprisingly, in the age of instant everything, young lovers still prefer written expression of love ! Gifting ideas haven't changed much over the decades as girls still love soft toys, flowers, chocolates , jewellery, perfumes or special dinner/ lunch dates. Flowers symbolise love, romance and fertility and still remain the most popular Valentine day gift. Each flower is symbolic in its own way, but Roses are synonymous with Valentine day! In fact even among roses, each colour represents a distinct meaning or feeling.

Ever heard of Valentine week? Well, apparently The countdown to 14th begins a week early and each day has its own significance. I vaguely remember all of this happening in college (being in a long distance relationship) and it took some time and research to find the details below- 7 Feb rose day 8 Feb proposal day 9 Feb chocolate day 10 Feb teddy day 11 Feb promise day 12 Feb hug day 13 Feb kiss day 14 Feb Valentine day Although my mature self knows it's nothing but a marketing gimmick, the enthusiasm of young lovers makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and giddy with excitement! After 5 years of courtship and 15 years of marriage we don't expect any gifts from each other nor do we consider it a special day any more. I wonder whether being mature is a good thing or not! I certainly don't look down upon those who still get excited about Valentine day and make an effort to make it a special day. And why not? We get so busy with our daily mundane chores, stressed out with work etc, that we hardly have time to acknowledge ourselves, let alone those close to us! So, where is the harm in keeping one day aside just for that special someone in your life, who loves and cherishes you unconditionally? Why not make it a special day just to celebrate love and appreciate those who love you by showing some in return? Since we are too busy living all the time, it's a great idea to make some time exclusively for love! I was always intrigued about why 14 Feb is celebrated as Valentine day. Google baba to the rescue as I looked up online about why and after who is this romantic day named?

The most popular legend goes way back to the reign of Emperor Claudius 2 in Rome. He decided that single men make better soldiers. So, he outlawed marriage for young men to keep them focused and away from distractions of family life.

A young priest named Valentine thought that the law was unjust and defied the Royal order by performing secret marriages for young lovers.

Claudius got Valentine arrested. While in prison, the young priest fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her a letter signed "from your Valentine" before he was put to death.

After almost 2 centuries in 496 ad Pope Gelasius declared St Valentine a martyr and began celebrating Feb 14 to honour his memory.

Even though the veracity of the above legend is doubtful we know for sure that it was King Henry 7 of England who officially designated 14 Feb as st Valentine day. While wishing anyone a very happy Valentine day is quite alright, asking someone to be your Valentine means that the person is special and important in a romantic way. Many people are skeptical and critical of Valentine day celebrations because of various reasons. Yes, we don't need one particular day to celebrate 'love' , neither do we need to confine it to romantic love. While my pragmatic practical and mature adult self agrees with it, my heart beats faster when I think about it! I can feel the excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation of lovers( age has nothing to do with love ❤) ! Young or old, romantic or platonic, family or friends, 'love' is for everyone to feel, to receive and to give! Love is all we need to make everyone a better person and this world a better place . Love yourself, love everyone around you! Love nature in all its glory! Love without judging, without conditions or expectations. Love with a sincere heart and honest feelings. Just love. Not just for one day but everyday. Love is the medicine our ailing world needs.

There may be a thousand and one valid and practical reasons to NOT celebrate Valentine day but I need just ONE reason to believe in and celebrate it - LOVE!

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Ari Y
Ari Y
Feb 13, 2020



Feb 13, 2020

Interesting one 😁

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