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Jab we met!

I don't believe in coincidences.Nothing in this life is just coincidence. Everything that happened,is happening or will happen is already planned. Fated. Destined.

That I was to be born on a particular day to a certain couple was already decided. It had already been planned as to who would be my parents and my siblings. I had no say, no choice, no decision to make here.

I almost, well almost( but not quite!) went to Lucknow to study. But within a week, plans changed and I was on my way to Pune to study Law!!!

Despite initial hardships while hostel hunting, I managed to clear the interview for my chosen field of study. I almost gave up but things just worked out on their own as if it was my lucky time!

All the people that I met in Pune, the friends I made- I was destined to meet them. We were fated to cross paths and we did! No coincidence here!

When I met my hubby, the man I love and I'm married to, it was as if some unseen invisible force pulled me all the way from east to west so that I could meet my man! We didn't suddenly bump into each other, I literally walked up to him and ( as he likes to say) straight into his heart! For him it was apparently 'love at first sight'! Being a romantic at heart , I had always wished for a sensitive and romantic life partner and I found him! I always feel lucky to have him by my side as a friend and companion for life!

Every person that we come across in life has a purpose in our lives. We may like that person or dislike him, but if we cross paths, there's a hidden plan somewhere which makes us meet. Sometimes we click immediately with each other, sometimes we choose to carry on without a second thought.

A person we meet for the first time may leave a lasting impression, regardless of the time we spend together. There could also be countless meetings which leave no memory whatsoever!

Every such meeting, I feel, is an opportunity. I learn from every individual that I meet or know. I try to take the positives out of the most negative of meetings, because it's my choice!

A negative meeting or experience can leave bitterness in its wake. I take it as a lesson , a learning as to what to do/not do, what and how to speak/ not speak. I learn not to expect anything.

There have been times when I just meet someone and we CLICK! We may have literally nothing in common, no history, no connection even remotely. And yet, we just click. As if we were meant to ! Like missing pieces of a puzzle.

I don't forget negative experiences but I try not to get affected by them. I accept them as part of the design, a part of my life and learning, which would have happened no matter how I feel about it.

Positive experiences give us happy memories and we don't want to let go of them. We don't want to part with people we like/ love/ care about and good memories associated with them.

Destiny can be cruel sometimes and make our lives miserable. We wish for long lives and everlasting happiness, although we know that's not really possible. We hang on to eternal hope , unwilling to accept the inevitable.

Even BTS isn't a bolt out of blue in my life! 7 guys , in their 20s, who sing/ rap/ dance and talk about life from their perspective. 7 South Korean men who don't know me personally and I probably would never meet in my life! What are the odds of them being an inseparable part of my life and my thoughts today? But like all BTS fans, I believe that I didn't find BTS, they found me when I needed them! They came to my rescue when I was at my lowest point in life! They aren't just 'singers' for me, they are angels who saved me, just in time! Like they were meant to....

So, I don't believe in coincidences! If we met, when we did, it's because we were meant to meet. Destined. Fated.

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