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Ignorance is bliss.... Or is it? (The Public Phone Booth Number - Part 9)

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories (The photographs and pics are downloaded from the internet and I do not have ANY intellectual property right over them). They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

I was still trying to put a name to that familiar face when i saw the subject of my thoughts walking back out of the Club into his Merc and leave. Now what?

Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Jin. Talking to him always refreshes my mind and it’s been a while since I had seen him and Dylan. Besides, it was Saturday night!

Driving towards Jin’s place, I noticed the familiar black Mercedes Benz following me. That wasn’t good at all! I decided to let it follow me instead of dodging it because I, too, wanted to know who that man was.

Parking my ramshackle old tin can with wheels, I walked into the arms of a grinning Jin, who was amused at my choice of carriage. My eyes, however, didn’t miss the black Merc which was now parked just outside the parking lot, at the (supposedly) blind turn, probably waiting for us to go inside the Bar.

Dylan greeted me, ready with his latest cocktail because he wanted my ‘precious’ feedback on it. As he hugged me close and congratulated the father-to-be, I saw the black Merc being parked.

Jin, Dylan and I sat down as I kept an eye at the entrance to the Bar. It’s been about 10 minutes now but no one exited the Merc. My frown gave me away as I felt Dylan’s eyes on me. The three of us now looked at the car outside and saw a well dressed gentleman walking towards the Bar.

As Dylan went back to the counter, Jin looked at the newcomer with curiosity. My eyes widened as I suddenly recognised that face, while Jin unexpectedly broke out into a wide grin and welcomed him with a hug.

Jin- It’s been a while Lucas. Come sit with us. This is Jeon.

Lucas- Yes, bro. It’s been quite a while..... How are you doing Jeon?

I finally relaxed my tense shoulders and responded, "All well Lucas. What brings you here?”

Lucas was Jin’s childhood friend and I only knew him through Jin. A few years back he had inherited his father’s entertainment company that produced films and tv programmes. But I wanted to know why he was at the Nightingale tonight and why followed me here.... I decided to ask him.

I- Lucas, why were you at that club just now?

Lucas stiffened and said,”How do you know about that?”

I- Just answer the question.

Lucas- Errr.... Well, I had a business meeting with someone.

I- Do you know only drug mafia and druggies frequent that club?

My eyes bore into Lucas as Jin chimed in, to diffuse the rising tension. Lucas looked uncomfortable but not scared.

Jin- Jeon, relax. Let’s have a drink first. My buddy is here after ages!

I continue to stare at Lucas as the latter returned the stare and said, ”Actually Jeon, I could ask you the same question! Why were you there?”

Before I could reply, Jin answered for me, "Oh, Lucas, don’t you remember Jeon the hot shot detective?"

I couldn’t help smirking as I saw a flash of fear in Lucas’s eyes, which he quickly masked with a calm voice and said, "Oh, that’s great! I guess I should’ve been more careful. I wasn’t aware of the reality of that club till I stepped into it tonight.... Believe me, Jeon.... I was to meet someone for a business deal who never turned up and I hate to wait for people who aren’t punctual!”

I- Why did you follow me here?

Lucas- I didn’t. I simply wanted to meet Jin and I stopped short of the parking when I saw the van turning in. I didn’t know who was inside it although I was curious! Honestly!

Jin- Jeon, Lucas had already told me when he landed this afternoon, that he would meet me tonight. So, chill buddy! We are all good! If he was into anything illegal, I’d have known by now.... You know I have contacts everywhere!

I nodded and smiled at the two men, as we clinked our glasses and said, "Cheers! To old friends and new!”

Dylan’s cocktail deserved a 5-star feedback and that’s exactly what I gave him. Driving back home, I was thinking if there was more to Lucas than the obvious.... Somehow, I didn’t believe his story. Lucas seemed scared and uncomfortable. He was definitely hiding something and I felt it in my gut.... My instincts never lie!

(to be continued.....)

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