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If not them, then who??? (The Public Phone Booth Number - Part 7)

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories (The photographs and pics are downloaded from the internet and I do not have ANY intellectual property right over them). They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

After a break, I was looking forward to getting back to work. First things first, I upgraded security at home and in my car. I was ‘extra’ alert while driving to and from work. I had two of my most capable and trusted agents watching over Minnie and her parents 24/7.

The boys were finally awake and conscious. Dr Kim had confirmed that the fingerprints were not of the assailants (which surprised me!) and it would take him sometime to find out whose fingerprints those are! They probably had an accomplice or two! I have to find out!!!

I drove straight to the hospital to meet them.

They visibly trembled when they saw me. So, they definitely knew me. With my usual calmness, I dragged a chair between the two beds, so I could talk to both of them. A nurse was hovering around stealing glances at me, so I smiled back at her and told her to close the door and leave us alone for ‘official business’.

The moment the door shut, the two boys joined their hands and started crying. I was calmly watching them, till one of them spoke up. It was the guy I shot.

“Sir, Jeon Sir, please forgive us! We didn’t come to hurt you.... We came to give you information....Please....,” he pleaded.

I looked at him and said,” Really??? Through the balcony??? Do I look like a fool to you?”I glared at them, my voice deadly calm and laced with sarcasm.

They hung their heads and kept pleading to be forgiven.

Me- Ok, I forgive you. But you have to come clean and spill the beans! Who are you? Who sent you after me and why?

“ Jeon Sir, I am Raghu and he is Gopal. He got electrocuted and can’t speak clearly now. But I will tell you everything....”said the boy I shot.

Me- Ok, I’m listening.

Raghu- We saw you in Nightingale club. We had seen you when you trapped Rajan in his own trap! Gopal and I were so impressed that we want to be like you.... Our friends laughed at us saying scum like us have no chance to be like you.... So we just......

Me- So you tried to break into my house through the front door and when that didn’t happen you tried the balcony!

Raghu- No Sir, we never went to the front door!

Me- Your friends maybe?

Raghu- No sir.... Gopal and I had planned to get into your house through the balcony and then.....

Me- And then? Kill me??? You shot at me! Well, I’m not scared of anything or anyone- not even death!

Raghu- No sir! I shot at the wall behind you.... I would never harm you.... We are your fans! We wanted to meet you because we have some information for you. We didn’t have your number nor can we go to your office... We are actually ‘contract killers’, who take on assignments when the client can’t afford foreign assassins.

Me- Ok, carry on.

Raghu- A few days back, we received an assignment. To kill you. We accepted it because we wanted to know who wanted to kill you.... We admire you a lot and despite our shady lives, dream of becoming like you someday! If we refused, the assignment would have gone to someone else. So, we told our boss that we accept it, but since it’s a very difficult job, he must give us more time to plan properly.

Me- Boss? Who is your boss?

Raghu- We don’t know Sir.... He calls us on the phone. Never meets face to face. Pays us in cash, which he leaves for us, hidden at random places.... Everyone calls him Boss.

Me- Anything else?

Raghu- Yes sir, we found out who wanted to kill you.

Me- Who is it?

Raghu- Someone in the Home Minister’s office, Sir. I have proof. First I tried to find out about the phone number and discovered it’s a public phone booth. Gopal’s brother is a hacker and he helped. Then I kept watching that booth because I was to get a confirmation call for the ‘payment’.

Me- How much?

Raghu- 1 lakh rupees Sir....

Me- I feel insulted! Is that all I’m worth? 1 lakh????

Raghu- It’s a big amount for us, Sir.... The foreign assassin wanted 1 million dollars for this! But your enemy wasn’t ready to pay so much. Then Boss asked us and we agreed.

Me- Are you sure you aren’t making this up? It sounds like a C- grade movie plot! By the way, I also have some information for you! Home Minister's PA is your Boss, not the one who wants me killed!!!

Raghu and Gopal gaped at me with open mouths. Well, Namjoon had already confirmed about the phone number! As I walked out of the room, Raghu said,'' You're truly a genius, Jeon sir! We will let you know if we hear anything....''

I nodded my head, amused at their confidence and went back to the HQ.

(To be continued....)

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