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Heavenly musings....

Every morning I sit in the balcony and have my tea. The verdant landscape is soothing to the eyes and calming to the restless mind. Without fail, my thoughts turn to him! Can't help it! Asleep or awake, I think about him.... I wonder what he's doing right now! I wonder what time of the day it is out there, I have absolutely no idea! Is he awake or asleep? I don't know if they even sleep out there! Does he think about us often like we think of him? Does he miss us like we miss him? Is there anyone who makes his morning tea for him or does he make it himself ? I wonder if they have tea or coffee up there! What about his meals? I know he doesn't need his medicines any more! He loves music, especially listening to ghazals and old Hindi songs after dinner! I wonder if he gets to listen to his favourite music! He always likes to keep abreast of what's happening around the world and has keen interest in politics. I wonder if he is watching how the world has changed after Covid-10! He would spam my whatsapp with countless messages about prevention and cure of the infection! If he were here, he and I would have discussed about keeping our mindset positive and outlook optimistic, despite the gloomy scenario. We are both diehard optimists and we practically ooze positivity!😬 At odd times of the day and most of my sleepless nights, I think about him.... I hope he is happy and healthy wherever he is.... I wonder how he keeps himself busy! He and I have this thing in common- we just take life as it comes! We accept the good, the bad, the ugly that life offers us, without grumbling or cribbing! We live every single moment with the belief that there's a reason why things happen and whatever happens, mostly happens for good! No, we aren't blissfully ignorant, nor impractical or escapists, we are realists who accept reality. We are practical and we know exactly what we can change in life and what we can't! We don't run away from reality but accept it exactly the way it is! I'm sure he must have impressed everyone around him with his wit and humour. His charisma and positivity, his politeness and gentle smile, his simplicity and kind nature, his dignified presence and dressing style, his gentlemanly conduct - he always stood out in a crowd, despite his not being very tall! Being tall is definitely overrated!!!! I'm sure everyone out there knows that he is an extraordinary human being and that's all that matters! Well, it's been a while since Daddy left us but he is in our thoughts all the time! I was actually thinking about what he must be doing up there in heaven! Probably discussing politics! In fact I'm sure that's exactly what he would be doing!!!

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19 ago 2020

Beautiful musings dear Tamanna. This is a special one!!!

Me gusta
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